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20 year old will not do anything

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concertplayer Mon 20-Jun-16 20:39:42

I am a full- time working single Mum Ds has just his first year away at Uni.
All he does is sit watching tv , talking on the phone or playing on his computer. I ask him to do a job but he either does not do it or it is half done.
All the time I am home I get "Can you get me a drink? What's for dinner?
He has a health condition and frequently forgets his medication. Today
he had an appointment for a blood test. He can easily get there himself
but I arrived home to find he expected me to run him there.
Twice he has forgotten meds and ended up in hospital. His Consultants
have told him he must keep mobile. He has a small dog to walk once a day but I got home to find it had pooed all over the place.
I find it impossible to have him at home anymore and previously asked
him to stay away and get a job. Sick of all the arguments.

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