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Does anyone have experience of home tuition after school refusal?

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KenickieHicky Fri 10-Jun-16 19:58:58

Hi, after a long period of school refusal, CAMHS involvement and trying everything to keep him in school, we have reached the point where it's no longer an option and we need to look at home tuition. Not teaching him myself but a tutor that the LEA will hopefully grant.

It's been a long journey to this and it really is all that's left now. Does anyone have good/bad experiences of it? DS (15) is extremely clever, has ASD and extreme anxiety and still wants to do GCSEs but not in the school environment.

Thanks in advance.

Runningtokeepstill Sun 12-Jun-16 13:39:18

I think it varies from area to area.

In our LA there is an e-learning platform, some small groups that meet for tuition outside of any school and some individual tutors who come out to the home. For GCSE they only support English, Maths and Science.

My ds accessed e-learning learning in years 7 and 8 (physical condition with associated mental health issues). He was then home educated at our expense using an online school for a year. He then tried home ed using correspondence courses but it didn't work. He got back into a more sympathetic school two thirds of the way through year 10 but couldn't get in enough. He stopped going in at all and accessed education through the LA team for his last 2 terms of year 11. This time he didn't use e-learning learning but had a tutor who came our once a week for English GCSE support. There was a shortage of tutors so I think we'd have struggled to get more help although he was entitled to more. He could have attended the small group sessions but couldn't face it. He didn't really get on with the e-learning. It's tricky as it has to cover all the schools in the LA so sometimes didn't seem too relevant to his courses.

Ds works well independently and he was in touch by email with some teachers from his school. He took and passed 5 GCSE's including Maths and English at C plus so this was enough for college although it didn't reflect his true ability. If your ds is only using the LA team to access education then you need to find out exactly what's on offer and make sure he gets what he's entitled to.

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