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fatherfurlong Tue 07-Jun-16 16:40:15

My son is 18 and away at Uni, both me and his Dad have a good relationship with him and he has given us no bother. Because he is so easy going we both miss having him and his friends around (they spent quite a bit of time at our place). However he seems to spend lots of time in the Uni bar. On a recent trip home he casually mentioned he had drunk a whole bottle of spirits-750cl in one night! I was appalled and told him in a calm manner that he shouldn't drink that much as his liver has to last him a lifetime. Both me and his Dad drink indoors but a bottle of wine between us will last 3 nights. I am so worried. I know teenagers do drink more now than when I was his age and I never say 'when I was your age' because I know that's the quickest way to make him disappear but do others share my outrage and what experiences have you had with your teens?

1stworldproblemss Tue 07-Jun-16 18:35:04

Tbh all you can do is educate him on the dangers and hope he makes the right decisions. If I stressed about my kids drinking too much I'd be on edge 24/7 😂

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