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sn0wdr0p4 Sat 28-May-16 14:10:22

What time would you let your 16 yr old DD stay at a house party till?

Alvah Sat 28-May-16 16:30:41

It depends on many factors:
their maturity, the level of control you still have over them at this age, where the party is, will there be parents at home, is it possible that there will be drink/ drugs etc.

My DS15 comes home by midnight the latest. He is very independent for his age and is aiming to leave home at 16 (in a few months).

Go with a time both you and your DD are comfortable with, maybe a compromise from both parties?

Sparklingbrook Sat 28-May-16 16:46:59

The house parties my 16 year old goes to he tends to stay overnight. What time do they want to stay til?

BackforGood Sat 28-May-16 16:52:31

Agree with Alvah. Very much an 'it depends' question.

sn0wdr0p4 Sat 28-May-16 16:52:49

As it happens she has now decided to stay the night. It's the getting home safely that worries me really.
She originally asked if she could come back in a taxi, with friends , at 3am! That wasn't going to happen.

HSMMaCM Sat 28-May-16 17:44:33

I would let DD come home in a taxi with friends at 3am, but it depends on so many factors that only you can judge. I always check where she is, who else is going, whether I know them etc etc before saying yes making a decision

Floralnomad Sat 28-May-16 17:52:25

Mine were / are allowed to stay as late as they like ,neither of them drink and I am always happy to collect them from wherever at whatever time .

Deeplysatisfied Sat 28-May-16 23:21:53

My daughter is 16 and I just let her come home whenever. I know her friends will always make sure she's home safe so she can come in whatever time she likes. Or even if I set a curfew she does as she pleases anyway lol!

HSMMaCM Sun 29-May-16 09:14:20

Deeply makes a good point about friends. DD doesn't drink much and has a mostly sensible group of friends.

bigTillyMint Sun 29-May-16 20:11:31

Is she 16 and in Y11 or Y12?

In Y11, DD parties seemed to end at 11 or 12 and DD came home with her friends/went back to theirs to sleepover. She has really great friends and they all look out for each other.
Now it might be later. We have never really had a curfew. We are in London, so there is no problem with transport and parties are nearby anyway (often walking distance)
We have never had a problem with this - we just have the rule that she must be contactable on her phone at all times (want to know she is OK and safe) and that we will pick her up from wherever if there is a problem/she needs us.

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