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bevelino Thu 26-May-16 22:31:15

Dd has saved up enough money over two years to go interrailing round Europe over the summer with 10 friends. She has never been away on a friends only holiday before. I am not troubled by this as I am sure she will return safely but are there any do's and dont's I should chat to her about? We have already discussed drugs, drink, sex and looking after one another. If your dc has been interrailing I would welcome any advice.

Happycamper78 Mon 30-May-16 21:26:02

Think about safety and what they might do if plans go son went last year. First holiday with friends. 4 of them went. They had a couple of dodgy times where the train got cancelled or rerouted and left them with nowhere to stay. We hadn't advised them what to do in this situation. I would make sure they knew how to find last minute hotels especially late at night. They got through it and loved it all!

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