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accidentally found out that DS purchased legal high online WWYD?

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justmeand2DC Tue 24-May-16 23:02:56

DS1 is Year 11 and in the midst of GCSEs, everything seems to be going OK although he is obviously very stressed and extremely grumpy. He only has to go in for exams so is at home on his own a lot more than usual and even when he does go to school is coming home straight after the exam so earlier than normal and before DS2.
Today I went into work later than usual as I was waiting for a builder to come round to give me a quote so unusually I was here when the post came. All of the mail is normally for me apart from annual bank statements and such-like for the DC so I don't check too carefully before opening it and I accidentally opened one addressed to DS1 which turned out to contain a legal high specifically 1P-LSD!!
I have no idea what I should do! So far I have hidden the envelope and he hasn't asked any questions about whether there was mail today. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Obviously it's not (currently!) illegal but I'm not happy at all that he has ordered it! I'm not sure whether he has ordered it now because the laws about these drugs may be changing or whether it's because he is currently at home more and can intercept the mail, presumably he's not stupid enough to take it in the middle of his exams and is saving it up for a post-exam party? Please, anyone who has experienced similar, what approach did you take?

HahahahaFuckYou Tue 24-May-16 23:06:09

Put the open package on his bed and let him shit himself when he realises his stupiditygrin

justmeand2DC Tue 24-May-16 23:23:30

The thing is I would prefer him not to take this drug but if I give him the envelope can I actually stop him since it is legal and he is bigger and stronger than me? Obviously intercepting all his mail isn't a longterm solution and presumably his friends may be purchasing similar anyhow. At the moment he doesn't know that I know and I'm not sure that I want to have a conversation about it before this week's exams are out of the way. I have been trying unsuccessfully to discover whether he and his friends are planning a mid-GCSE party during half term.

justmeand2DC Tue 24-May-16 23:27:32

How does LSD compare to ecstasy in terms of likelihood of a bad experience/negative side effects as I was young once and did try ecstasy and a few other party drugs with no ill-effects but I my friends and I never tried LSD, I don't know anyone who did?

romanrainsalot Tue 24-May-16 23:28:40

I think there are two issues here that you need to address with him:
1. - Why is he feeling the need to get these substances? Is it exam stress, depression, anxiety? Just curious? Dare in school?
2. - Drugs are not the answer. Just because its not illegal, doesn't mean its a good idea.

Do a quick google of deaths from legal highs. Print out the pages of news reports (there are loads).

Talk to Frank has an ok section of legal highs on the website. Maybe ring them in advance of having a talk with DS?

Empty contents of packet and dispose of. Leave empty packet on bed with print outs.

Have a talk once he's had time to think about it. Ask him why he felt the need to get hold of this stuff.

Also 1P LSD is not that far removed from LSD, which is illegal. 1P LSD is illegal in some Scandinavian and European countries, so its only a matter of time before the law catches up to it here - which gives further weight to your point.

MyKingdomForBrie Tue 24-May-16 23:30:18

No idea re LSD but so called 'legal highs' can be fatal. Do not give him the package and if he were mine I would be removing any and all access to Internet and funds until he can be trusted to understand it's not worth risking your life for.

I would talk to him ASAP.

MariaSklodowska Tue 24-May-16 23:31:43

You must have a rant at him about the dangers of legal highs. Just because they are not illegal, doesnt make them safe, in fact just the opposite.

FerkTheeesSheet Tue 24-May-16 23:42:09

"can I actually stop him since it is legal and he is bigger and stronger than me?"

Do you think he would become violent? Is his dad in any position to sit in on a talk about the drugs? (Just seen your username)

HirplesWithHaggis Tue 24-May-16 23:51:18

Some user experiences. I also googled for bad effects, and a swift overview suggests that it's not particularly dreadful, I saw no mention of fatalities or serious side effects (which have occurred with some other legal highs, esp cannabis substitute Spice).

Have a read yourself, arm yourself with information, and have a serious talk with ds. Realistically, even if you destroy this batch, he can get a new delivery to a pal's house, or even a PO Box. You can't stop him experimenting, it's better he does it with some knowledge.

justmeand2DC Wed 25-May-16 09:11:12

Thanks everyone. I think the reason he has this is just experimentation, I do remember a couple of years ago having a conversation with him about how a majority of young people do try party drugs and that the majority don't suffer any bad effects and move on from taking them without any problem but I don't think he assumes from this that I condone it.

Am pretty sure he won't become violent although he won't be pleased I know but I also think he won't take any of my warnings on board as he definitely thinks I am out of touch, at least on the surface he won't pay attention but some information may get through underneath the bravado. I can't involve his Dad as he is NC with him since he left a year ago (through his own choice, XP wants contact and has it with DS2).

I know he and his friends have planned a week away after the exams which I thought was a good idea to give them some independence but am worried about what they may get up to now and need to think whether I mention to the other parents!

Overall he is a good boy really, a bit (lot) of attitude and pushing boundaries and cheek towards me and DS2 but he is pretty much an A/A* student across the board and has definite ambition for his life. He is working hard for his exams as his sixth form has quite high entrance requirements and he would be devastated to miss out on a place. I know the school has a very strict anti-drugs policy and he would be expelled with no second chances if he was caught with this on school premises so hopefully I will be able to get this message across at least!

TheDropBear Wed 25-May-16 13:52:18

I would say he's timed it deliberately, the new law making them illegal comes into effect tomorrow. How much did he order? As I understand it personal possession isn't illegal but possession with intent to supply is and so is possession in a custodial institution. So basically if he ordered a lot and tomorrow sells some onto his friends he would be committing an offense. If tomorrow he took it into school he would be committing an offense. I'm not a lawyer so someone more in the know may correct me but the legislation is here if you want to read it:

I'm not sure about the difference between 1P-LSD and just LSD but what I know about LSD is you can either have a good trip or a bad trip. You can't be sure which you'll get before hand and once you're in it you can't stop it and just have to ride it out. It often exacerbates feelings you're already having so it's not recommended if you're feeling stressed or down as you're more likely to have a bad trip. "Safe" practice of it is also to always have someone sober there while taking it just in case someone has a bad trip. I lived with big party drug users for a year and it never appealed to me so haven't taken it myself. Plus with unregulated drugs there's always the risk that it's not what it says it is anyway.

If he's ambitious maybe print out and show him the penalties section of the law? Teenagers tend to think they're invincible so that might make more of an impact than any health risks.

notagiraffe Wed 25-May-16 13:58:38

Think I'd throw it away. Let him assume he was cheated out of the money which might put him off trying to buy any more.

GeorgeTheThird Wed 25-May-16 14:31:37

I'd give him the printouts and the empty packet. Followed by a serious talk about the risks and about the rule that he does not order them. About how you will not have them in the house, about the risk to his younger sibling and anything else I could think of. And I'd take his debit card off him for a while, or report it lost and get it cancelled

CarpeNoctem Mon 30-May-16 23:48:08

What did you end up doing OP? I'm late to this thread, but it sparked my interest because I work in a setting where I encounter a lot of legal high use. The point you need to emphasize with your son is that there is no quality control on the part of the supplier, and just because the package says "1P-LSD" , that doesn't mean the contents are 1P-LSD. In my region, most of the pills sold as "LSD" don't contain any LSD at all: they contain synthetic cannabinoids (K2), cathinones (bath salts), or other odd hallucinogens like NB0ME. Same goes for anything marketed as MDMA/ecstasy. A study looking at legal highs bought online that were confiscated before reaching their intended destination found anything from high doses of caffeine to the compounds mentioned above.

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