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Do I get the police to come and talk to my DS16?

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BG2015 Thu 19-May-16 07:59:00

My son is in Y11, we moved from 8 miles away, to here a year ago ( although he's always gone to the same school) so now he can hang around with his friends etc

Lots of his friends congregate at our house which I've had to put rules down about.

Anyway I have become aware that a few of his friends are smoking pot. My DS recently admitted he has too, not happy. I told him I didn't want drugs in my house etc, I then found some in a tin, which I knew to be his friends. Challenged him and he was very apologetic but constantly minimising the situation. I told his friend to take the tin home.

Earlier in the week he went out with his friends up to the next village. I find out he was involved in a fight. It's all over social media. Police were supposed to get involved but I've not heard from them yet! The lad he and his friends were fighting with was goading them but I told my son, he should've walked away. Again he minimised the situation, it was self defence etc etc

Now I've discovered that on that same night a group of lads caused damage to some property and there is a photo on Facebook with 6 lads, one of them is my DS. He's minimised the whole thing, he didn't see it happen as he was walking behind with another lad so it's nothing to do with him etc

We live in an area where most people know each other. Lots of people know me because of my job.

The police are going into school today to talk to the kids. I just don't know how to deal with this. He makes out he's innocent all the time and it's nothing to do with him.

He has a Saturday job so I can't remove money, I could cancel his phone, ban his friends? I'm just at a loss how to punish him?

My friends husband is a copper I don't know whether to get him involved as a bit of a scare tactic but then I'd have to tell my friend all about this.

He's always been a good lad, no problems other than sibling rivalry and a messy room.

Sorry it's long.

specialsubject Thu 19-May-16 20:55:28

Tell him to stop treating you like a fool, it is insulting. Tell him to take some responsibility for his cock ups.

And yes, phone removed until you can trust him. He needs to stop lying.

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