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Horrible teen at wits end

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vikingpooboat Sat 14-May-16 19:39:30

Had an argument with 13 year old ds earlier as he refused to help round the house. Apart from threatening to break my legs and giving me attitude I found out he has been watching porn in his phone. He openly admitted this as I took his phone and said is there anything on there I wouldn't want to see. I have wiped his phone and put restrictions to internet access on there so he can no longer watch porn.have I done the right thing ? I'm guessing 13 year olds are curious about porn but he shares a room with his younger brother angry I can't cope with him at the moment I admit to throwing his stuff out the window and telling him to leave but gave in and let him back in. No one to turn to as a single mum and shit family with no support.

Sausage01 Sat 14-May-16 22:24:26

My sleep thieves are small at the mo but I've worked with troublesome teens for a loooooong time. My words of wisdom are: pick your battles but when you pick one, stand firm and be consistent. Never threaten anything you can't/won't follow through, it undermines you. Finally talk to him, don't shout, he needs to feel he's listened to. That doesn't mean give him what he wants all the time, it just means he needs to feel that you understand what he wants and why and he needs to hear why you don't always agree but are willing to discuss compromises.

Its hard but you can do it! x

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