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Famous last words...

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Peaceandl0ve Thu 28-Apr-16 23:10:41

On the way home with DH and chatting about the wonderful, almost adult daughter we have raised and by george we have been through the mill with her. Got home and POW! Back to tantrums and entitlement, her terrible twos started at 6months old and it appears they are not quite over yet.

Anyway, felt the need to get that off my chest. Stress of A Levels means I have done lots and lots of saying nothing tonight.....

louiseaaa Fri 29-Apr-16 08:26:43

I hear you


Teens and their expectations ......

DS1 has known about an interview tonight at the Sixth Form College for 3 weeks. He saunters in and announces it to us after school

I did have plans - they have to be cancelled now as his father has to wfh until 7 pm tonight and it's operational IT work so he can't sneak away.

I then went up to see what info he needed - honestly it was like getting blood out of a stone. He seemed to think I was being naggy - I could see it in his body language and tone of voice. Not to mention the eye rolls. I nearly burst out in fits of giggles at the stroppyness, however don't want to say anything until after the interview.. then on the way home I'll let him know how toddlerish his behaviour was smile

I now have to frantically find his school report.

(I love him to bits really, and I know this is typical teen behaviour and if this is as bad as it gets I'm cool with that)

However the consequenses of this is if it's not in the family calender it's not happening. (that means mates parties, sleepovers etc)

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