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eBooks for teens

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leonardthelemming Wed 27-Apr-16 13:55:38

I was thinking about starting a thread like this some time ago, but reading about the Mumsnet Bookfest has spurred me into action at last...

I recently commented on another thread that teenagers often don't listen - and certainly don't act - on things that adults (parents, teachers) tell them. After all, what could old people possibly know about teenagers?
Yet these same teenagers often do "listen" to characters in books - especially where the character is of a similar age to them and they can identify. And this despite the fact that the character is fictitious and has been drawn by an adult who is probably a parent and may well be a teacher, too.

So books can be a surreptitious way of educating - almost subliminaly. But only if the books are factually accurate and deal realistically with teenage issues. And some are - but not all of them are mainstream and your typical teen is unlikely to stumble upon them while browsing the Young Adult section of Waterstones, or wherever. (Assuming teenagers even do that.)

Over the last year I have read over 70 YA books (don't ask) on my Kindle. I think some of them are only available for Kindle. Some of them meet the criteria I described above. I wrote some reviews - for a friend who is a school librarian. I would happily post these reviews - gradually - on this thread but only if people are interested. And, of course, other people may like to post their reviews too.

So what do you think? Post a positive reply and I'll post a review of one suitable book later today. If there are no replies - or just negative ones - I'll just shut up.

I should perhaps point out that I have no connection with either the authors or publishers of the books I've reviewed. I've just read them.

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