Son and his girlfriend away for weekend ?

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Familyislove123 Wed 20-Apr-16 11:35:29

My son is 16 next week his girlfriend is 15 a few weeks after they are lovkey and i love his girlfriend so much she is amazing they have been daiting a while and spend all there time they can together she has slept at our house sevral times and he has slept at hers sevral times but they only once ever slept in the same ved when they slept at her sisters house anyways they are wanting to go to london for a weekend together its 3 hours on a train from where we live do u think they are old enough would u let them ?

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GasLightShining Wed 20-Apr-16 12:03:40

I would not be comfortable with this if when at hers or yours they are sleeping in different rooms.

Also do you think they are mature enough to deal with travelling around London. I know lots will come on and say their children were travelling to ridiculously low ages but often this is because they are more local.

The fact you are asking makes me think you are not entirely comfortable with it

My DS went down for a footy match but went with his older sister and I was still worried and made them call when they got home (was away at the time).

Saying all that I often went to London at 16!!!

leonardthelemming Thu 21-Apr-16 11:15:56

My son lived by himself from 16. Not in London, admittedly, but he moved to London soon after. It isn't scary at all and public transport is easy and plentiful. I would have no problem with a 16-year-old going and technically you can't stop him at that age.

The gf though - technically she would need permission from whoever has parental responsibility for her if she's 15. Does she have that? If so, the decision is really out of your hands. And when I worked in Croydon as a teacher, it was the norm for 15-year-old girls to visit London. But they did day trips. Where are your son and his gf proposing to stay? Some hotels (Premier Inn is one) accept bookings from 16-year-olds but I think under 16s need to be accompanied by someone 18+. Same with YHA, I think. So there might be practical difficulties.

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