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15 yr old DD being bullied

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CrazyMammy48 Mon 18-Apr-16 15:11:09


My DD is 15 and had been friends with a group of "nice" kids. However, one girl in this group decided to make up some stuff about DD which the others have all gone along with. The end result, is that they put it all on FB and spread it around. Unfortunately, this has led to my DD cutting herself and refusing to go to school for over a week. School have been worse than useless. They said they have "told off" the kids involved, but won't make them apologise as it could "cause more harm". I can't calm down. I feel so angry and would like to rip their perfect little throats out, but feel so powerless.
Does anyone else know how to deal with a child who has been dumped and lied about by her so called friends, and how to help them move on (even if the apologies don't come).
Thank you.

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Florida41 Wed 27-Apr-16 16:37:18

hi , just felt I need to talk to you .
my daughter has been bullied on facebook by others at school anonymously,
and started to selfharm and make her self sick after eating as she said she feels fat. she's not .
even though she has many friends and is popular at school.
be careful as it can get out of hand once it starts , maybe a trip to the dr to ask about camhs.
my daughter has been seeing camhs for 7months now for depression and has recently been put on medication, and we are just starting to see some improvement
hope you find the right way to move on

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