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Missing my DS

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Rainbow00 Mon 11-Apr-16 00:22:24

We've had a few issues/concerns with my son (13) over the last 6 months both at home and school. Resulting in lots of meetings with the school, a couple of exclusions and a suggestion of going to a behaviour school. He is now living with his dad (my ex-husband), due to mine and my son's relationship breaking down. His dad is basically giving him free reign of what he can do with no boundaries in place and my son appears to be loving it. There appears to be no mention of him wanting to come home but I miss him so much. I speak to him on the phone every day, yet feel so unconnected from him and I don't want to push it but every day he's away its getting harder to cope with. 

Mummyof02 Mon 18-Apr-16 05:49:52

Hi rainbow try not to let it get to you as I'm sure your son still loves you very much and it's a tricky one because living with a parent who sets no boundaries can become risky for a teenager I know because just before I turned 14 I went to live with my dad for a bit it started out as a few weeks which turned into months then a year in that time I changed a lot and not for the better. I became more wild my point is your son is proberly enjoying his freedom but also maybe wanting you to tell him how much you miss him. Telling how you honestly feel will make him realise just how valued he is and that his mum needs him too. Trying opening up to your son and being honest with him telling him how much you miss him if you do nothing he may get the impression that you don't care or not enough to tell him how much you miss him and want him back home, which is what happened to me my mum never actually told me she wanted me to come home or anything so I just simply thought she didn't want me back, it's a tough situation,but help this helps x

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