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URGENT: MPs about to take a vote about teenagers being sexually exploited

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jojomoore Fri 01-Apr-16 22:20:06

I am so shocked to find out that loads of 16 and 17 year old victims of sexual exploitation are actually not being recognised as victims and are not getting help or justice for what they have been through. Most of the time it's not reported and perpetrators go unpunished! MPs are about to take a crucial vote on this issue and The Children's Society are asking them before the vote to meet experts to talk about it face to face with a campaign called Seriously Awkward. Every parent should support this campaign - no child should have to go through this horror! Please look it up and support!

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ThinkingParent Mon 04-Apr-16 13:48:24

It's easy to think that these things will never happen to your teenager, but sexual exploitation can strike any home and every single parent should be urging their MP to make sure that the law is changed to protect teenagers. How would you feel if your 16 year old daughter was sleeping with a 35 year old man - over the age of consent, yes, but I would still call it exploitation....

honestmummy Sat 09-Apr-16 09:11:54

A vital campaign, we must all urge our MP to change the law to protect teenagers. Thank you to the Children's Society for raising awareness.

EmpressOfTheSevenOceans Sat 09-Apr-16 09:19:57

Just been on the site & supported, thanks for this.

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