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Teens and the effect of Fluotetine

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plantlady Sat 26-Mar-16 17:18:18

Hi, I'm trying to understand why my DS is feeling as he does on fluoxetine and find out how other teens have fared. DS is 16 and started on the full dose about 6 weeks ago. He is suffering from "moderate to severe" depression. Since he started on the medication he has had a few side effects which the Camhs doctor says are not unexpected. However, DS does experience a cycle of energy and mood swings ranging from days where he can do anything and feels great to days where he can barely get out of bed. After a couple of good days he then swings to pretty low (with suicidal thoughts) on good days he finds it hard to believe he had such thoughts. Before taking the medication he was just pretty low with little energy (and suicidal).

We were told that he should start getting better within 4 - 6 weeks but it looks like it will take longer than that. We're also told that the mood swings are due to the good days tiring him out thus giving him the bad days (which I find hard to believe).

I would love to hear how other teens have got on when they first started taking antidepressants, particularly fluoxetine (Prozac). Was there anything that help on middling days when with a bit of encouragement it could turn into a better day?

DS has actually been ill since September but was only diagnosed in January so has missed a lot of school work - he's been to school but often has been there in body but not in mind. With AS exams not far away school will be deciding in April whether he can actually sit them. if he can't then he has to find somewhere else to study which will really upset him as he will lose his friends. We need to help him find motivation to study but if the medication is know to cause mood end energy swings then some idea of how to manage that would be helpful

endofmytethertake100 Sat 26-Mar-16 21:33:34

I was on fluxotine (as an adult) and felt worse for it. I was definetly less anxious but felt numb and exhausted to the point everything seemed exhausting , even small jobs like washing up.I also struggled to sleep despite being exhausted and had a metallic taste in my mouth! I hoped the side effects would ease up but after 6 months felt the same so stopped taking , I felt more energetic after about 3 weeks. This is only my experience , everyone reacts differently definetly raise it with camhs.

Clara66 Mon 28-Mar-16 07:50:10

My dd was on fluoxetine but, for her, its side effects were awful (affecting physical health) so stopped taking it quickly. However sertraline has been brilliant. She too had moderate/severe depression but sertraline took away the worst days and evened out her low moods. She has now gradually come out of depression and I have my dd back.

Definitely keep telling camhs if your ds continues with suicidal thoughts. Maybe a change of AD should be considered.

Good luck with everything Plant lady x

Meloncoley2 Mon 28-Mar-16 08:23:39

We found the medication a big help, but we also put a lot of energy into helping DD identify other stuff that made a difference as well (positive and negative) so we can help steer things when they get out of balance.
Would your DS be able to repeat his AS year?

Kion29 Sun 10-Apr-16 17:55:42

I have complex Post Traumatic Stress and Depression, was prescribed fluxoetine almost immediately after my diagnosis.

To keep it short, I was very sick. Very very sick as a result of the anti depressants. I had my head in the toilet most days, and when I didn't throw up - I felt ill and light headed. When I told my doctor about the side effects, and they changed me to liquid form - which helped these side effects subside a little.

Though the real truth is, that I feel anti-depressants are a 'temporary fix' to get your on your feet again. I found my ways to cope through my therapist, and through bonding with my family again - and feeling like I had something worth while to contribute smile

Despite my conditions being a very serious prognosis, I'm living a happy, almost normal life - off medication and no longer seeing a professional after a year of therapy.

Best of luck to you!!

Kion29 Sun 10-Apr-16 18:01:52

Sorry to double post, but forgot to write about AS levels!!

I was studying for my A-levels when I was diagnosed, I was living away from home due to my parents not being supportive or convinced of what had happened to me (Post Traumatic Stress doesn't just appear xD). My class attendance was less than 50% in my AS levels and a lot of my teachers told me to give up.

I had one teacher though who believed in me, who had taught me from a young age - and she helped me keep my spirits up, and enabled me to take my examinations despite my very fragile state. I was in hospital twice during my AS for suicide, and self harm was how I coped otherwise. Despite all this, I took my AS exams and came out with AAE.

During my second year of A-levels, my parents came around after I managed to prove I was telling the truth, I moved back home - rekindled all my relationships and applied to a good university for Business Management. My end A-levels were

A: Business Studies
A: Geography
C: Biology

TLDR: Anything is possible if you believe, and try your hardest.

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