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Higuys22 Fri 25-Mar-16 23:21:08

My DD recently started this lip syncing app, where you make videos and post them to followers, called I'm a bit worried that she is posting these videos to strangers, but she won't talk about it. What shall I do

Clare1971 Sat 26-Mar-16 09:40:36

How old is she? Like any public postings the danger comes from comments she might get and the contacts she might make and decide to private message or meet up with. I don't know this particular app but sometimes comments can be really personal and negative and this can destroy your self-esteem. If she's doing it for a laugh then it's might be harmless but if she's doing it as a way to try to get positive feedback and feel good about herself I'd be wary. Can you show an interest and ask her more about it? Maybe get her to show you her favourite videos of other people and have a look at the comments with her? Also check out what they're wearing/jhow they present themselves. Is it overly sexualised? Get her talking if you can by listening rather than criticising initially. unless she's 12, then just ban it

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