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Teenage son doesn't fit well with males his age?

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emmathompson24 Mon 21-Mar-16 23:52:41


My 17yr old son was diagnosed with Aspergers by a clinic in 2015. The psychiatrist came to the conclusion after he told them of his lack of friends, weird things he says (disturbing sexual comments and he told someone to "pray to the devil"), and rigid interests.

He has been since homeschooled after the school sent him out for telling others about his extremely detailed plan for suicide which made them distressed. But now he is getting good grades and studying well.

What me and my husband are worried about is the social aspect that he is missing from not attending school. He doesn't seem to mind even though I keep pushing him to meet with one of his classmates who he kept In touch

He told me though that he would prefer to have a girl as a friend as they aren't as judging of his weirdness. He claims that people have called him a "dick" for some of his comments and has been treated very rudely by people claiming he's an attention seeker. (He went to a single sex school.)

At first I was wary but then I thought about how he said he claimdd to have gotten along really well with one of the girls in the nearby school who joined them for a play until the classmate who he's "friends" with told everyone that he though they dressed very provocatively.

Even if he gets on better with girls how do I get him to meet up with them. It seems that boys in his school don't respect his weirdness. Will girls be a bit more politer or am I foolish in thinking so?

BackforGood Mon 21-Mar-16 23:57:48

I wouldn't focus on the sex of the friends, I'd think about shared interests - the basis for most friendships.
What does he like to do? How does he like to spend time?
Find the interest that interests him, and you will find the friends that have the same interest.

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