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Early help referral anyone had one?

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3boys1girl Sat 19-Mar-16 10:00:29

My 14 year old dd is in yr10 and has quite low attendance at school 86%. Her main problem however is going in late her school is 40 mins away by bus( she refuses to consider changing schools) and if she misses the 8.15 bus ( there are earlier ones that she had no problems getting on until last year) then the next one is an hour away meaning she is an hour late, sometimes two if she misses that one! Obviously the school is very unhappy with this and has tried everything but doesn't seem to be helping. Now they want to refer us to Early Help which I'm not sure would help? Really don't want to get involved with social services anyone know anything about this?

JaneyJaney66 Sat 19-Mar-16 11:12:42

I don't know if this varies according to where you live, but my nephew was referred for Early Help (he was truanting and involved with older boys doing drugs) and it didn't involve Social Services. He was assigned a youth worker who met with him in school once a week for I think about eight weeks. He acted like a mentor and got my nephew involved in a music project run by the youth service. Different circumstances but he did find it hugely helpful.

mumma24 Sun 27-Mar-16 20:50:17

I work for social services. early help services is not social services. Early help are key workers that support families. Social services deal with higher level like neglect and abuse.

apple1992 Sun 27-Mar-16 21:43:48

I would definitely go with the early help referral. They will be able to support you or signpost you to support.

endofmytethertake100 Sun 27-Mar-16 22:38:07

My DD was referred as at risk of permanent exclusion. We have only had 1 meeting just with me but it's not SS it's more preventative measures. DD has a key worker who will meet with her and try and guide her !

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