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Feeling helpless :( with almost 16yr old DS

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sparkleshine16 Sun 06-Mar-16 15:04:53

Any advice greatly appreciated- DS almost 16 has always been a bit of work, great boy but can be a bit volatile at times and hated school since he started! However we got by and then around 1 year ago he discovered cannabis and the last year has been a living hell steadily getting worse and looking likely that he'll end secondary education with little or no qualifications. Lots of stuff that I'd consider normal teenage behaviour but I'm mostly concerned about cannabis use (and possibly starting to experiment with other stuff), truanting from school and pushing the boundaries at the weekend (coming in late or on a couple of occasions not at all) and what appears to be a negative peer group. I used to have a good relationship with him and feel that I have done everything to try and make him see sense( drugs worker, GP- referral to CAMHS, out looking for him, phoned police to report missing) I'm honestly absolutely exhausted and don't know how much more of this I can take. We don't have a huge family but he's destroying every relationship he touches! Has anyone had a similar experience?

duffus Sun 06-Mar-16 19:53:45

My son is nearly15 and a half. Hes always been a handful. Hes now involved with cannabis on a daily basis. Its not good . Hes very abusive. He also has a new peer group and I don't know who they are. He had a male substance misuse worker but has failed to engage so they are withdrawing the service. Ive been told we can see a temporary social worker but if I don't get in contact within the next couple of weeks,they too will not see us. The services are atrocious. Im very tired too. Ive not been well last few years amd also have to work etc. Im a single mum. Its so hard so I do empathise with you x

sparkleshine16 Mon 07-Mar-16 07:15:02

Thank you Duffus, your story seems so similar to mine- yes, very hard x

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