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Nic002 Tue 16-Feb-16 20:22:10

I suspect my 15 dd is still being bullied, she denies it but has these anger outbursts punches wall, self harms - scratches punches self) always seems to be a message on her phone- how can I access her phone - it's got a code on. Dd is seeing a counsellor and she doesn't tell me what's going on. I'm in the dark - he confidence is very low as is her self esteem. I'm batting in the dark

thebiscuitindustry Wed 17-Feb-16 02:30:13

How long has your DD been seeing the counsellor, and do you think it's helping? Are the school aware of any bullying of your DD?

Nic002 Wed 17-Feb-16 08:23:41

Yes the school are aware, though nothing is done to help did confidence, the bully goes on to strut her stuff. Dd was on arhletics team, rounders team, football team, won't go on any trips now either, she says counselling "is good" he's been seeing her for 6 weeks, there is a slight improvement - she's put sticker charts and motivational speeches round her room, is a "little" happier - we know it's got something to do with her phone.
10.30 last night found her crying in kitchen - couldn't console her - we're at our wits end

thebiscuitindustry Wed 17-Feb-16 13:06:34

That's a shame about the school not helping to build your DD's confidence. Have you escalated your concerns to the head and governors?

Is there a way to block particular numbers from her phone? Would it be worth suggesting this to your DD?

Peebles1 Wed 17-Feb-16 21:33:27

If it's a smart phone they could be using any number of social media sites to bully - Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, Instagram - if she's on them? The school may get involved in this, depending on their policy. She can block certain people on these sites, or simply come off them. And yes, good idea about blocking numbers. Poor kid, it's awful - and for you. The counselling sounds great and she may confide a lot more to him, and hopefully he'll give good advice. Are you allowed to speak to him at all? Just to update him? Not sure if that's appropriate?
Hope things improve for you, I really do thanks

Nic002 Fri 26-Feb-16 17:44:52

Dd was deemed at risk after last counselling session, we had to get her into Hosp. Home now, camhs counsellor has told us she is contemplating overdose. I've given up my job to be able to give her 100%. Yesterday was a good day - today is a bad moody quiet day - she is going for full assessment in the camhs team tomorrow. It keep her brain occupied - I've bought her playing cards, colouring books, a diary, distraction methods I've bought her a punch bag and we've had competitions "who can hold an ice cube on back of hand the longest" she won- by miles!!! How can I coax her into more good days

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