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School trousers for tall skinny 16yr old boy

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mumma24 Tue 16-Feb-16 12:49:45

My 16 year old son is 6ft tall and slim waisted. He's outgrown 'school uniform' (all top short in the leg) but needs new trousers for school. Skinny fit! Where's the best place to buy them?? Thanks

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Sparklingbrook Tue 16-Feb-16 12:52:29

Try Burton's. Their L is long in the leg.

BG2015 Tue 16-Feb-16 12:54:07

I have a 6' 1" 16 yr old son and so far Tesco still fit him (age 17 trousers)

Alternatively why not try Next, men's section. Waist and length to accommodate and a reasonable price.

Sparklingbrook Tue 16-Feb-16 12:58:20

The problem I have with DS is he's a 28/34, and it's really tricky. If he grows any more upwards but not sideways it's going to get even trickier.

CalicoBlue Tue 16-Feb-16 20:28:38

M&S do an extra long in school trousers. My DS was in age 13 at 16, as he was skinny, but in the long ones as he is tall. See if the extra long are long enough.

SleepyForest Tue 16-Feb-16 20:38:12

Ds tried on virtually every pair of high street school trousers last term. He is 6ft2 and 30inch waist. The best pair were from John Lewis. I think these ones in long.

Galmptongirl Fri 19-Feb-16 12:11:55

Have similar problem and have found John Lewis good. Can order on line and have delivered which is easier than actually shopping. They are a nice thick quality- Better than M&S-have adjustable waist band so can pull in. Also zipped pocket so don't loose bus money!!

Readysteadyknit Fri 19-Feb-16 12:17:19

DS got his from Top Shop and they've washed well since September. Not what you asked but M & S non iron slim fit school shirts are great for tall slim boys but sell out in the bigger sizes really quickly.

SecretSquirrels Fri 19-Feb-16 14:41:28

Where do your tall boys get long skinny jeans?
DS17 is 6''3" and needs w30" length 36". I can't find anything longer than 34"

Readysteadyknit Fri 19-Feb-16 18:22:43

DS didn't get his trousers at Top Shop - should say Topman blush

Squirrel - their extra long trousers (online only I expect) are 36". I have a DD with 36" legs and buying trousers is a nightmare. To have any chance she needs to buy right at the beginning of the seasons and has given up any idea that she will have a choice - I imagine it is only marginally better for long legged boys.

OneMagnumisneverenough Sat 20-Feb-16 00:35:03

I get Next for DSs. I buy the ones in the men's section with the flat front and slight stretch. I can get perfect fit for 6'3 skinny 15 year old DS1 and for 6'1 chunkier 14 year old DS2. Wash well too but are £22 a pair.

weegiemum Sat 20-Feb-16 00:48:52

My 14yo is 6' and skinny as they come. For school we're managing to get away with black jeans (he's a good boy and flies beneath the radar of a fairly forgiving school) from H&M which do jeans that at least don't fall down (had a real bother with trackies, I had to take them in!!).

In fact, he doesn't currently own a pair of non-jeans-non-trackies! Last wedding we were at he wore a kilt so no smart trousers required.

Behooven Sat 20-Feb-16 00:49:41

Asos, my DS is 31 - 34 and we found slim leg, long trousers on there. If you're lucky on sale.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Sat 20-Feb-16 00:53:05

14 y old 6' slim DS1 here too - DH bought black school trousers from him from Primark. I think they are adults ones.
None of the Next school clothes fit him anymore, his shirts are from M&S, again, adult size.

madwomanacrosstheroad Sat 20-Feb-16 01:00:20

Asda do a cheap slim range that kind of did fit my son who is extremely skinny also bhs skinny foe school trousers. For jeans we go for the primark skinny jeans with belt which means he is wearing baggy jeans which have some sense if proportion.

OneMagnumisneverenough Sat 20-Feb-16 01:04:21

Zing. The age 16 Next shirts still fit both my DSs and look fine despite their different build.

TheDetective Sat 20-Feb-16 01:15:27

M&S here. They ordered them in for me after searching through the relevant sizes.

DS is 13, and needs 34in length (28in 30 at a push waist).

I was able to get his jeans in primark until I needed a 34L. They only start a 34L in 32W. angry

Topman do his size, but are three times the price. hmm

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Sat 20-Feb-16 01:18:59


Well, DS1 has just grown out of those exact size 16 Next shirts , the long sleeved ones!! <wails>

DH is 6' 5" and all of our kids take after him. DS2 is only 12 but is now taller than me (he's 5' 6").
If they all grow to be DH's height we'll have to have clothes and shoes shipped in from Holland! grin

OneMagnumisneverenough Sat 20-Feb-16 01:27:08

He must have really long arms or back. DS1 is 6'3 and men's M or L and DS2 is 6'1 and L to XL. They are all legs though so the shirts seem fine...for now! Charts say between 6'3 and 6'5 for my two, I reckon 6'4. DH is only 6'2 and I'm 5'10 so they are outstripping us.

tumpymummy Sat 20-Feb-16 23:17:29

We buy Asda slim fit school trousers. Have to order on line for collection in store as they don't normally have the slim fit ones in for older kids. Managed to find some super skinny jeans in Primark mens that fit (just needs a belt). It's really hard buying teenage boys clothes! Definite gap in the market, and I resent having to buy XS mens clothes and mens shoes for a 14 year old child!

OneMagnumisneverenough Sat 20-Feb-16 23:34:13

I resent having to buy XS mens clothes and mens shoes for a 14 year old child! I resented doing that for a 10/11 year old smile

Size 11 shoes now and have been for last 2 years shock I think that's their feet stopped growing now.

lasermum Sun 21-Feb-16 00:07:24

DS1 who is 6'3" gets his long skinny jeans from Hollister where some styles have a 36" length.

TheDetective Sun 21-Feb-16 01:03:45

£38 for his jeans today. I cried. In my head. At least when he could get away with 32L we could get 30W 32L in primark. No such luck for 34L!

It's crazy. Why does my skinny, tall teen have no choice but to pay expensive prices because stores that have the reasonable priced stuff don't sell those sizes.

I'm going to lace his food with butter. Fatten him up. grin

SecretSquirrels Sun 21-Feb-16 09:21:10

Both my DSs were in adult shoes and clothes at primary school. It's not so bad paying £38 if they have stopped growing, which I think, at almost 18, he has.
I have found plenty of 34" length but 36" L seem to only be made in larger waist sizes. Sadly Primark's longest are ankle grazers.
Just looked at Hollister website and they appear to do 28w 36L though not in black.

Beezles Sun 21-Feb-16 19:44:01

Try Primark. Weirdly they do 28/30" waist with 32 and 34 leg.

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