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Wineandchovolateneededasap Tue 09-Feb-16 16:43:07

DD is a little urm challenging , the last few weeks have been much calmer. She has suspected ADHD , ASD and anxiety, it's suspected as she refuses to be "labelled" so she sees camhs often and is treated by school etc as if she has the diagnosis.

So I felt we had turned a corner very recently , DD seems relaxed and has been much calmer at school and home if anything very lazy and sedate. Camhs commented how much calmer she seemed. So whilst fishing out the rotten food from her school bag I found tobacco, large rizlas and an empty bag that smells of cannibis. I confronted her and got a "it's not mine I'm looking after it for X (school friend)". It isn't she forgot one of my friends has her on snapchat and has showed me videos of her smoking what looks like a spliff. According to DD everyone smokes it , apart from her hmm. Now I'm starting to think she is stoned a lot , hence the quietness but no other signs no red eyes, munchies , giggling etc. She's not admitting anything so what can i do?!

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