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DS finds it difficult to relate to other boys/young men

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joanofarchway Sat 06-Feb-16 20:26:38

DS is 18 and everything a mother could wish for-kind, hardworking, sensitive and loving. He's always been whatever the opposite of a "man's man/boy's boy" is, maybe because he barely knew his father (left when DS was 3). He has plenty of friends and acquaintances but almost exclusively girls. It is noticeable even at say family events he falls much more easily into conversation with the women. He has I think one good male friend from primary school. Not that I am especially worried- he is a well-adjusted young man I think, I just wondered if you've experienced this with a child?

NameNameName Sat 06-Feb-16 20:29:31

My good friend was like this at school. He came out in his 20s.

joanofarchway Sat 06-Feb-16 20:34:16

I was thinking as I posted that might be mentioned. He isnt gay, not that it would be a problem if he were. We had that conversation a while ago.

FlatOnTheHill Sat 06-Feb-16 20:34:21

My son is 15 and I bought him up on my own. He does see his dad but we are a very female family. And a lot of female influence around him. I do tend to baby him a bit. He is my only child although i know i need to back off a bit as he is getting older. Is he surrounded by a very female family with not many males?

joanofarchway Sat 06-Feb-16 20:36:56

Yes and no flat- he has 1 DSIS, mixed cousins although they live far away so we dont see then that often. He just seems more at ease with girls/women and they with him

FlatOnTheHill Sat 06-Feb-16 21:09:59

Is he awkward around other males or maybe he just prefers female company. I can understand you want him to have more male friends, i get that totally.
I work with all men in my office and just one woman. I tend to get on with men better. I prefer the less girly chit chat. Perhaps he finds women's company more interesting and comfortable rather than what I would call blokey men.

joanofarchway Sat 06-Feb-16 21:22:42

Well am happy for him to have whatever friends he wants. It seems he prefers female company. I am quite proud to have a DS who clearly likes women in a genuine way. It is quite moving in a way to see how women of all ages feel at ease with him. But of course there will be men in his world/working life too.

FlatOnTheHill Sat 06-Feb-16 21:48:59

He sounds like a lovely young man.

NameNameName Sun 07-Feb-16 08:19:01

Not that I'm suggesting he is gay, perhaps he just prefers female company, but my friend outright denied any gay feelings at 18.

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