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Present for 16 year old girl

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spababe Sat 06-Feb-16 09:23:02

Help! I have boys so have no idea what to get. We need to buy for 3 girls today all friends of my DS

spababe Sat 06-Feb-16 09:23:21

Budget is about £10 per person

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 09:38:05

Ooh no, I wouldn't have a clue. I have teen boys. Tenners in cards ahoy!

The last gift I bought a teen girl was from Paperchase, they have some nice stuff in there.

Can your DS offer any helpful suggestions?

hellsbells99 Sat 06-Feb-16 09:47:50

Anything from Lush; earrings (Debenhams Simply Silver range); nice pen; something from Topshop - e.g. bracelets; makeup bag; nail varnishes - Girls are easy to buy for!

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 09:49:39

I think I get scared of assuming hells. If I don't know the girl I couldn't assume they liked make up for instance. I worry.

hellsbells99 Sat 06-Feb-16 09:55:59

Lush do wonderful bath bombs and things like that. Makeup bags always get used - sleepovers for putting toothbrushes in, tampons etc!

Peaceandl0ve Sat 06-Feb-16 09:56:30

Topshop vouchers all the way!

hellsbells99 Sat 06-Feb-16 09:56:59

Sparkling - for 18 year olds, Paperchase do a good range of hipflasks!

Sparklingbrook Sat 06-Feb-16 09:58:12

Oh I didn't get as far as the hip flasks hells, I got all sidetracked with the journals/planners. they were really pretty. grin

Paperchase is a bit ££s for what it is but I love it in there.

spababe Sat 06-Feb-16 10:04:57

Thank you. Purely by fluke we did make-up bags at Christmas. Will try Lush and Top Shop. Jewellery is rather subjective I think so maybe not that. Will look in Paperchase as well.

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