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My 18 yr old son meeting older online girl friend for the first time.

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buttlin Thu 04-Feb-16 09:14:37

My son has been playing a computer game for a couple of years now. During the game the players chat with each other. Recently my 18yr old son has been chatting with a 24yr old German girl outside the game. This has escalated quite rapidly into lengthy Skype calls. He is quite serious about her and regards her as his girlfriend. She is coming over to the UK this Sunday and he plans to meet her in London. My concern is that she is older and probably more experienced than my son who has never had a girlfriend before. My other worry is the nature of how they met and is she who she claims to be. My son just sweeps my concerns aside.

cowbag1 Thu 04-Feb-16 09:24:59

Hmm , difficult as he is 18 and as an adult can do what he likes.

Why don't you invite her over to your house for their first meeting? You could agree to go out or stay out of the way (after you've had a chat with her and locked your valuables away!). Or would he agree to you going with him to the meeting place then leave them to it?

Either way I wouldn't be happy about him meeting up with her for the first time before I'd had a chance to clap eyes on her.

If however he resists all of the above, I'd have a chat about using his common sense and going in to things with his eyes open (difficult when hormones are involved!). And make sure he tells you where and when he's meeting as that is just sensible advice for anyone meeting in RL someone they've met OL.

Peebles1 Thu 04-Feb-16 17:27:56

Agree with cow bag (like the username!) about her coming to yours or meeting them together first - a meal or something? Just to check she's who she says she is. If it's any consolation my DS went out with a 29 year old from abroad at that age! We met her, she stayed over. Never said a word about the age difference but worried inwardly about her wanting him to settle down etc. She was a lovely girl though. It fizzled out very quickly.

Theendispie Thu 04-Feb-16 17:33:34

Though 18 is an adult it depends on that individuals maturity levels.
I have friends I have met through gaming but have never met any in RL If I ever did I would probably not go by myself and I am way past 18.

Have you said hello to her over Skype at all?

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