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20 yr old and 18yr old not doing their fair share

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fedupmum1971 Wed 03-Feb-16 19:35:02

Hi I am a single mum of 20 yr old son and 18 yr old daughter. Both of them work and pay £45 a week for food/bills (they both earn £250+ a week), sadly not in great jobs as they both dropped out of college, but do have good work ethics as they like having money! My son smokes weed and daughter used to until she turned 18 last summer and started hitting the town A LOT !! I have tried to take a step back and let them learn by their own mistakes, but do try to guide/advise them from time to time/ then alternate by leaving them to it again.
Biggest issue is the fact that they are both 'typical teenagers' and come in late, make a mess in the kitchen etc, which they leave. They know they are expected to clean after themselves, but just don't bother. I have tried most things, having a rota, ignoring, nagging, threatening to throw them out etc. I feel I have no bargaining power as they are pretty much independent. I really don't want to kick them out as they have nowhere to go. It is really making me feel disrespected and im sick of moaning/nagging. Anyone got any ideas???

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