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paying money to school / college

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robin64 Thu 28-Jan-16 11:50:11

I have tried posting in education but no replies. Just need some advice if anyone can give some.Our DD started a college course (BTEC level) so age 16-18 it's a normal state FE college. They asked for money at the start for "materials and trips" (almost £200) DD has left to go to a different college after one term and I thought I would get some of this money back but they have said non refundable. Can this be right and is there anything I can do? She hasn't been on any trips and I can't think what materials may have been used (it is not art or anything). Thanks

Lemonski Thu 28-Jan-16 11:55:07

I was full time student at college a few years ago and yes this was standard.

Someone did get some money for 1 day trip back but only because the trip was over subscribe ed and another student was willing to pay.

robin64 Thu 28-Jan-16 12:02:48

I was thinking as she no longer goes there and only did one term then a partial refund would be given? Is it unreasonable to ask for some back? it was our decision to move her to another college.

ThereIsIron Thu 28-Jan-16 12:14:27

Not unreasonable to ask, but unreasonable to expect anything back.

robin64 Thu 28-Jan-16 12:46:59

oh okay. sigh...

Just a bit peeved as tbh it wasn't very good and the one trip that was organised they gave my DD's ticket away because she had been ill but I had said that morning she could go and I had a wasted 90 minute round trip bringing her in. Later found out that person they gave it to didn't bother turning up for the said trip. The whole experience at this college has been a waste of time and now money aargh.

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