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Advice please!!

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jean3009 Thu 21-Jan-16 22:00:58

DD has been very withdrawn lately and I have been trying to find out why. Her cousin who is at the same school accidentally shed some light on the subject and announced that she is "in love" with one of her teachers. I managed to speak to DD about it briefly, she said she likes him a lot but not much else about it. How do I broach it with her properly? She seems very upset and confused about it but I can't grasp a lot. She's 15. He's a 61 year old man. Please help!

Ticktacktock Sat 23-Jan-16 00:17:06

I think it's perfectly normal to have a crush on a teacher. I know I did. I still remember dolling myself up for him, and even flirting. If hes 61 hes probably had his fair share of crushes. She'll grow out of it, I wouldn't worry....all part of growing up.

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