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Dd just hit me in the face

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hippowithsuncreen Mon 18-Jan-16 19:00:57

Pretty much that really.
Already waiting for Camhs appointment. Some sensory issues. Cannot cope with school despite lots of pastoral support.

She's shown aggression before but stopped on step short of hitting me but has been behaving awfully recently.

Don't know where to go really from here apart from pathetically had a good cry.

Kleinzeit Mon 18-Jan-16 21:04:20

Sympathy. DS hasn’t been physically aggressive towards me since he was little (he has an ASC diagnosis) but I do remember how horrible it feels. I ended up having to a lot of de-escalation, backing off, having very low expectations and being a very VERY non-challenging mother, for a very long time, just to keep myself physically safe really. Anyway I do hope CAMHS come up with some useful help. Have you been over to the MN Special Needs boards - there are quite a few mums over there with experience of sensory issues and managing aggression too sad

And you’re not at all pathetic hippo - it can take a lot of courage just to keep on with things brew cake Don’t forget to look after yourself.

flowers flowers flowers

hippowithsuncreen Mon 18-Jan-16 21:18:00

Thank you. Will head over to the special needs boards.

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