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Teenager out of control...advice needed please!

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Beth2016 Tue 05-Jan-16 23:29:49

Hi there. I really need some advice. 13 year old daughter has been giving extreme trouble for approx 4 years now. Started with stealing from myself, family and friends. Then general behaviour issues. Social media abuse and contacting older men on friends phones at school. More recently has been involved on fights and violence towards other children. Police and school involved, several times. Lied to police about involvement. Basically we are now facing the issue which is she assaulted mother badly. Unprovoked, usual talk back then exploded. She has assaulted mother when she was pregnant also. She was taken to police after most recent incident and when there she told police she had been beaten by mother and father. Father arrested. Complete lies. Then said mother hadn't assaulted her but denied hitting mother. Then admitted hitting mother but said it was self defense. Taken to hospital by social services, found nothing wrong at all. Basically she then was taken to a family member for a few days. Has now been sent home as she told police she wouldn't make statement against either parent. But has said that they still assaulted her. We are all now living in total fear as this is blatant lies andwe can do nothing. Two other children being affected. Worried for mother and children safety and father feels he cannot come home as scared he will be accused of lies again. Asked social services to please help but say have to try again with her in home despite the fact she may be violent again and two other ssmall children being affected. This is tearing the whole family apart as she will not admit she lied and has said in past she will have other children taken off mother. What can we do! We are literally in fear of what she will say or do. Please help.

Clare1971 Wed 06-Jan-16 15:54:59

Sounds like an awful situation. Just to clarify - are you her mother? Can't quite tell as you've said 'we' and 'daughter' but written 'mother and father' as if they are someone else.

Beth2016 Wed 06-Jan-16 18:19:15

Sorry i am her aunt. Very upset when writing post!

Clare1971 Wed 06-Jan-16 22:17:14

There's so much here I wouldn't know how to deal with it - sorry, that's not very helpful. If they're in England or Wales maybe parents could contact They are a charity who offer advice to parents and have lots of online resources as well as a telephone help line. They used to be called parentline.

Beth2016 Thu 07-Jan-16 01:07:25

Thank you Clare we will look into that right away. Really appreciate that.

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