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Ideas for how to exact my revenge on DD (19) required [grin]

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rogueantimatter Mon 04-Jan-16 14:47:19

DD has long hair - it's beautiful when she's done it nicely (possibly her best asset (physically) but it's a major hassle so she has decided she'd like to get it cut quite a bit shorter. Seems sensible. Provided she doesn't rashly get a really short cut that she doesn't like and spend the next few years growing it again of course - DD is impulsive so I wouldn't put it past her. The new bf agrees that shorter hair would be nice apparently.....

She texted yesterday afternoon in reply to me saying 'Hello - what are you up to today?' saying that new bf is coming round to trim her hair. (Great, I thought - he seems quite particular and careful - free trim sounds good)

In a rash moment of nosiness/over-investment (who could DD possibly get her impulsivity from I wonder? blush ) I texted in the late evening asking, 'How da hair?' (note how impressively down with the kids I am, please mums grin) And the following conversation ensued,

"It's above my shoulders!!"


No reply!angry grin So I spent half the night trying to convince myself that it was a wind-up, but not managing to shake off the thought that new bf might really have cut her lovely hair very short....

Conversation of an hour ago went, DD:

"Has a parcel arrived for me?"
"Random other business"

No mention of hair.....

Then she added,

"Btw, we didn't get round to cutting my hair..." DH laughed a lot.

Any ideas for a revenge wind up gratefully received.

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