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should we let DS14 go to a house party NYE?

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tumpymummy Wed 30-Dec-15 11:39:07

Most years we (as a family) go to a friends house for NYE. Lots of families go, all with kids of varying ages who have known each other all their lives. It's a great set up and works well. However this year DS14 has now said that he wants to go to a house party with friends from school. Parents will be in upstairs and kids can all sleep over. Trouble is if DS goes to this house party this will leave one other 14 year old (son's friend, but not as close) the only teenager at our party with a load of 8-11 year olds. I've said that it is too late in the day to change plans, but understandably DS is desperate to go to house party with all his friends rather than one with a load of family friends. Should we let him go?

Heyheyheygoodbye Wed 30-Dec-15 11:54:18

Oh, let him go. I was dragged to a family thing year after year until finally at 18 I could put my foot down, and I really resented it. The other teen at the party isn't your DS's responsibility. I'd let him go smile

BigSandyBalls2015 Wed 30-Dec-15 12:19:33

I agree that the other teen isn't your responsibility - we do a similar thing on NY eve but I know it isn't going to last much longer as the kids are getting older (mine are also 14).

My only concern at the other party would be booze and girls grin. Are you sure the parents will be around, and is it a mixed sleepover?

tumpymummy Wed 30-Dec-15 17:40:16

Thanks guys! Yes, have spoken to parents of classmate and they will be in the house, upstairs. Girls are 'sleeping' in one room, boys in another. Have said DS can go and therefore he has to be on best behaviour for ever! Have read other thread about teenage parties, which has been useful. New territory for us!

OccamsLadyshaveToo Wed 30-Dec-15 18:09:30

Definitely let him go if it's just the other teen you're worried about. I have exactly the same situation with DD, also 14, this year. We have a group of friends who meet up every NYE and there will also be a 12yo who will really miss DD and be stuck with under-10's. I'm letting DD go - although it is to a sleepover with just 6 (female) friends not a house party (or so she tells me!).

The rule in this house is: Christmas is for family, NY is for friends. She missed out on a big get together with friends on Christmas Eve because we were away visiting family. I wouldn't impose my plans on her for NYE.

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