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Xenasmummy Tue 29-Dec-15 02:51:33

Hi my son is 17 he left school the summer just gone and worked hard to get 4 C's in gsces (he has never been very academic) so we where thrilled. He now wants to become a personal trainer, he is going to college 2 days a week and is loving it. The issue is 5 days a week he does nothing at all,he would be.perfectly happy being on his Xbox 24/7 he doesn't really show any interest in going to see friends.
I have said that I think it's time he got a job a few days a week, I don't want any of his money I would love to see him save money and go and travel or buy a car, am I wrong should I wait until he decides it's time to leave his beloved Xbox and gets a job?

Peebles1 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:28:47

I think you're completely right. He sounds a good kid, worked hard at school and continuing to do so at college. He probably just needs a bit of a nudge. My 3 DCs were keen to get PT jobs, but still needed nudging to actually complete CVs, think about where to apply etc. I drove two of them round our local towns and they just popped in every cafe/pub/shop with their CVs. Some jobs they applied for online, some from the local paper, some word of mouth. All avenues led to something, though not always straight away. Good luck!

BackforGood Tue 29-Dec-15 23:49:24

How is his swimming?
Would he be capable of training as a lifeguard?
It pays better than most jobs 16/17 yr olds can do, and is really flexible about fitting in around other things.
Sounds like it would fit with him wanting to work as a personal trainer too - lots of cross over between gyms and pools.
It's about his 'CV' as much as the money, but it's nice to have money in your pocket too.
He could then learn to drive, which will help him when he's looking for work.

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