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DDs unhealthy ways...

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Lauren2lauren Sun 27-Dec-15 16:32:21

Don't want to give DD a complex about her weight. I wouldn't even say she is overweight at all she's about 10 stone and 5 foot 6 she insists on wearing size 10 but is more a 12-14. As a baby, toddler and child she had real issues with food linked to sensory issues (HF ASD). I admit I was soft as we triallef the "when she's hungry enough she'll eat it" mantra but she wouldn't she didn't seem to have an appetite so ended up with a very bland diet- peas, plain pasta, cheddar and raspberries -that was it for years . She was off the centile underweight till puberty.

Puberty seems to have triggered her appetite but her taste is very beige. She used to do loads of exercise but quit and shows no interest in any form of exercise. She will get a bus rather than walk 5 minutes. Her diet is awful and if I don't buy it she uses her own money. She consumes about 8 cheese strings a day, sausage rolls and her ideal dinner would be macaroni cheese! She will have a bit of veg but just to shut us up! She had spent Christmas money on kfc and macdonalds in one day.

Obviously I haven't mentioned it to her but she has a lot of cellulite and I'm concerned by how unhealthy she is but if I mention I'm accused of thinking she is fat. She will eat a huge dinner then be searching for snacks within 10 minutes of dinner. I have offered loads of offers sport wise even offered to pay her to walk the dog "can't be bothered". It's not a weight issue more a lazy attitude and 0 motivation !

Howdidthathappen1 Sun 27-Dec-15 16:42:50

Watching!! I have a size 16, 16 year old that squishes into a size 12/14. Works at maccyd's so that really doesn't help. It's so hard to know how or what to say to support and encourage and not give a complex.
I've got mine to download my fitness pal so she can see exactly how much she is overeating. Not convinced she entering her food details truthfully!!
I put on my phone to as a 'let's just see how bad WE are' rather than single her out. You can see all the vitamin daily targets you are missing from your diet as well.

Lauren2lauren Sun 27-Dec-15 17:42:07

DD was eating on a school day- brioche for breakfast 2 sausage rolls crisps and choc (from school canteen) for lunch then get a sneaky macdonalds on way home, then get in eat a few cheese strings eat a huge dinner eat a few more cheese strings pop to shops buy a tube of Pringles and 2 kinder buenos ! Quite a lot of shit for one day.

I brought a nutiibullet and have made loads of nice soups and smoothies but she just turns her nose up. She has the absolute opposite taste in food to me. She just looks a bit unhealthy in her complection and is very unenergetic.

Howdidthathappen1 Sun 27-Dec-15 19:14:15

Think we have food twins. Still watching for some wisdom to appear!!

ladygracie Sun 27-Dec-15 19:16:35

Ah. I clicked on this for ideas too. My plan for after Christmas is to ask her to support me in losing weight so we're doing it together. My dd is in denial too - she's tall so convinced herself that clothes don't fit because she's tall. This is true sometimes but not always.

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