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Orthodontic choices: invisalign or braces

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Littlemiss8 Wed 16-Dec-15 00:21:47

my dd was told by her orthodontist she would need some corrective orthodontic treatment and was given the option of invisalign or braces, she seems to want braces because her friends have them, but the orthodontist was keen to recommend invisalign.
has anyone had to help make this decision? any advice on either?

MyFriendsCallMeOh Wed 16-Dec-15 00:27:38

My dd has braces. Her orthodontist advised against Invisalign as he said often treatment is extended as teeth move slower with Invisalign. It may just apply to certain cases though. I would ask your dd's orthodontist the pros and cons for her particular case.

Littlemiss8 Wed 16-Dec-15 00:36:37

Well he seemed to be leading us down the path of invisalign, IDK if thats because they get some kind of commission or have quotas? But she seems pretty adamant to want the braces because its the same as her friends, what if braces aren't as efficient/ quick? I don't mind the cost at this stage and am just pretty relieved she's happy to have any treatment at all, let alone the cheaper option!

PretzelPrincess Wed 16-Dec-15 00:40:12

Go for braces. I've had Invisalign and I'm having problems with the enamel between my teeth. They don't remove teeth for Invisalign if they don't really really have to. They just shave bits of the teeth to make room. I'm now getting decay in the gaps between my teeth where they have been sanded down. Wish I had just gotten normal braces.

CointreauVersial Wed 16-Dec-15 00:48:06

Are you paying, or is the NHS? This may have a bearing on which course of action they are pushing you towards.

Both DDs have had braces, and the teeth move with miraculous speed!

nooka Wed 16-Dec-15 01:03:40

We wanted to have invisalign when my two children went in to see the orthadontist, but he said that it wasn't an option for either of them. It was the cheaper option for me, and I imagine a lot less painful than braces (dd has had a lot of pain and discomfort - ds decided he'd rather have slightly crooked teeth). They seem to be used for more cosmetic type corrections - there was no mention of teeth being filed/reshaped, just repositioned.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Wed 16-Dec-15 01:39:35

My dd's two top front incisors were very slightly crossed. In the UK an orthodontist probably wouldn't bother correcting this but we live in the land of perfect teeth USA and dd wanted it done so we went ahead. She had the braces fitted and goes back every month for her elastic bands to be changed (she picks them according to the season, currently red and white candy cane colours). Within 8 weeks, her teeth were uncrossed. It really is super fast. Now she needs to keep them on for the full 18 months to ensure her bit is even all the way back.

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