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Please help I need to take control back from dd

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throughaglassclearly Tue 15-Dec-15 11:53:32

Ok so dd has some minor SN and has just been refered back to camhs following a previous thread on here so we are dealing with that side as we are at breaking point.

What i need to do is take back control of our house. She hits, pushes, grabs, kicks thing, throws things at the walls has trapped me in a room and talks to me in a horrible way. She also threatens me.

That off button where kids realise they are in massive trouble. Dd doesn't have that and carries on well past the point of no return.

She doesn't go out so i cannot ground her. I have taken her x box away and she called me pathetic. I am expecting explosions tonight.

I had two hours of name calling last night because she couldn't find her homework planner she had left at school.

Any challenge of her behaviour makes her explode. I need to take back control and I need help because she is running and ruining this household.

Andro Tue 15-Dec-15 14:36:13

You might find sn chat a helpful place to post, there's a wealth of knowledge and a friendly, supportive atmosphere.
SN chat

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