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Encouraging new friendships

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disneygirl10 Sat 12-Dec-15 13:00:53

My daughter is in year 8. She has had a very close friend since reception and they are both friend with about 5 other girls.
My dd best friend seems to be spreading her wings a bit. She was meant to be coming around last night but said she had to go to her nans. She was sleeping over at another friends house, which is of course fine but my dd has seen about sleep over on snap chat. She doesn't known I known about this.
The other girls are all very much into clothes etc my dd isn't so much. I really think she could do with making some new friends but its quite a small secondary school.
I have been just leaving her to it friend wise but it breaks my heart to see a couple of them leaving her out.
She has become quite keen on football and I have just managed to find a local ish girls team. Hopefully with might help she also does trampolining but that's with her best friend

DancingDuck Sat 12-Dec-15 13:07:35

Yr 8 is a good time to be branching out and becoming close to people you have more in common with. If I had a DD I'd want her to steer well clear of the kind of ghastly girl who lies about where she is and who she is with then posts it on snap chat. As long as she gets on OK with a few people at school there's no reason why her closest friends can't be from other groups. A football team sounds great. is there also a girls' team at her school?

disneygirl10 Sat 12-Dec-15 13:16:21

That's what I was thinking I would rather her steer clear. Girls can be so horrid at this age. Finger crossed the football works out.
I know I need to just let her be, i saw the snap chat over her shoulder she doesn't know I saw it.
I am good friends with the girls mum I feel like saying something but I think I need to just take a back seat and make sure home is good.

Brytte Sat 12-Dec-15 13:38:07

It's really hard isn't it. Year 8 does seem to be the year that friendships shift based on shared interests. The football team sounds like a fantastic way to widen her options. Also, if her friendship group at school is changing, so will other groups and you might find there are girls with similar interests to hers looking for new friends.

disneygirl10 Mon 14-Dec-15 07:01:02

Thanks everyone hopefully it will all settle down.

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