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Post-GCSE summer for a summer birthday

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Number42 Wed 09-Dec-15 12:34:32

dd is in yr11 but has a summer birthday (beginning August) so is 15 for quite some time after GCSEs finish, which is proving tricky.
1. Can she get a job in June/July? Am completely confused - Govt website says that 15yo's can work, but they don't have an NI number (or do they?) so will anyone actually give them a job? She thinks no NI number means no job but not sure if that's right. Anyone know?
2. If not working, what can she do by way of activities that summer? She is a cool London chick (horrors) and doesn't particularly like being organised by other people so is not easy. It looks like she COULD do National Citizen Service programme despite not being 16 yet; or the Diverbo camps where you go to Spain to be an English speaker on language camp with other teens (which I found on another post in MN). Anyone come across anything else?

TeenAndTween Wed 09-Dec-15 13:57:45

DD1 did GCSEs last year.

Quite a few of her year did NCS.

They can work (but may be more limited in hours and opportunities than those already 16?).

DD1 did a 3 week Spanish language summer camp in preparation for Spanish A level. PM me if you would like more details. She also did 1 week drama workshop, 1 week family holiday, prom, birthday.

It is a long break, I think you are being sensible working out now what can be used to fill it!

MEgirl Wed 09-Dec-15 20:21:38

Mine did NCS for 3 weeks and a guitar course for an additional week. They also have an August birthday.

BackforGood Wed 09-Dec-15 23:45:19

You can work before 16, but there are more restrictions on employers so they tend to prefer to employ older dc.

Another vote for NCS here - superb vfm, and great experience for them.

Number42 Thu 10-Dec-15 17:44:42

Thanks everyone. I fear her ladyship will consider herself too cool for NCS but I will definitely try!

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