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Feeling unloved ( young adult/teen)

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Mummyof02 Mon 30-Nov-15 09:14:08

Hi all, I'm 19 and a mum of one and I have one on the way. I'm in college and currently about to start a new Job. I'm just writing this post as for a long time I've felt unloved and slightly resented from my mum and second best to my siblings from my dad. I don't know why I feel this way my parents have never done anything to horrible like abuse or neglect me as such but I don't feel much love and connection from my parents and I'm desperate to build a closer bond. I have lived on my own since 17 as going home back to mum and grandma wasn't an option due to the risk of me becoming ill again from stress from living with them. I feel like since moving out of home my parents don't feel the need to bother with me as much or they don't want to make much effort - I see my parents from time to time but it's never for long weeks can go by where I don't hear much from them? It makes me feel sad like I'm not worthy of being made effort with other times I feel like maybe it would just be best to cut them out my life and just carry on like i have done for a long time. I feel like I've been robbed of my youth abit due to having to grow up fast while other people my age are going to uni and living the student life I feel like I live a more older lifestyle. And as ridiculous as it may sound to some I'm starting to feel like having a mum and dad in my life is more heartache and sadness then it's worth. I want to feel happier for the sake of my young son and unborn but I feel I need to be able to move on or some sort of closure? Sorry for the essay but please help!x

fourkids Mon 30-Nov-15 20:04:05

Hi, I don't really have any words of wisdom for you, but I've been checking back to see if anyone else answered you...and I imagine how upset I'd be if my own daughter had posted asking for some help/advice/cheering up and no-one came along to help all day sad

I wonder if your post is in the right place for the answers you are seeking. I'd maybe think about asking to have it moved...

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