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Me and DS both need help

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Mrsj70 Mon 23-Nov-15 19:18:04

About two years ago DS (then 14) threatened suicide.Straight to GP, someone from local childrens hospital did home visit, referral to CAMHS. After about a 4 month wait, an appointment came through, we attended, diagnosed with low mood, offered a further 5 sessions, he attended 3. Discharged. We get through years 10 and 11 with some mood dips but generally ok. DS leaves school with 11 GCSE's. Started college in September, some low mood symptoms reappear. Back to the GP. referral to adult servicec this time. Had two assessments, he didnt engage at all in the first, spoke up a little in the second. despite not really engaging he has been referred on for counselling, go to phone to arrange. Friday, Saturday and yesterday he was out with friends. Got up went to college this morning, spoke to him at lunch, all ok. Come home this evening, missed two lessons this afternoon, now is leaving college, not going to do anything, just wants to go to bed. I've tried speaking to him, nothings happened, no bullying, friends all ok, courses ok. Just not going back. I'm in floods of tears, younger DS pretty much being ignored by me, I wont sleep all night, will have to ring in sick myself to work tomorrow. I just have no idea where to turn. Will have to go back to GP tomorrow with him, then arrange meeting in college. Am I terrible parent to ask gp to put him on medication? Especially as he seems ok to go and see friends? Should I say if he doesnt go to college he cant go and see friends? I am terriifed of him hurting himself so reluctatnt to get too tough. Sorry this has been long, I think I just needed to get it out.

RachelZoe Mon 23-Nov-15 21:06:57

The GP won't put him on meds just because you've said so. That has to be a decision between the two of them. You can ask about medication options if you are in the room with them though just to get the topic rolling.

I've been here, my eldest has OCD and it spiked at 15/16 to a crippling level before we managed to get control of it. He is doing excellently studying medicine now so there is hope for kids with MH problems, he still has bouts but he can handle it differently now.

Honestly as long as the friends he is seeing are decent sorts and not a really bad influence (like he's not taking drugs with them or anything), I would let him see them, MH problems are so isolating and to withdraw social contact would be detrimental if anything.

Is there any way you can afford private counselling/therapy? If not then not to worry it's just quicker is all.

Also contact Mind (charity)/look on their website, they have lots of resources, some for children and young people, they can also offer you some support which is vital. This is so unbelievably stressful you need to get support too.

It sounds like you're really on this and that you're doing everything you can which is fantastic, your boy is very lucky to have you, many parents ignore these things and don't take them to the doctor etc.

Good luck with the doctor tomorrow, I hope things pick up soon smile flowers

Mrsj70 Mon 23-Nov-15 22:50:40

Thanks so much for that, I'm really glad your DS is doing so well!
I feel such a bad parent to even consider suggesting medication but it breaks my heart to see him like this. I'm terrified that he will drop out of college, then he'll have nothing to focus on.
Did your DS take medication or did theray help? I know my DS will really struggle to open up and talk.

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