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Drug counselling advice

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Finsbury Mon 23-Nov-15 09:42:11

Hi all, son is no longer a teenager but still acts like one - he is 21 and has had a weed smoking habit for several years now and yesterday admitted he wants his life to change. He lacks motivation, dropped out of college, flits between casual jobs, spends lots of time in bed. Has anyone had success with drug counselling for older teen, or can recommend any agencies? Don't really know where to start with this but I know he is not keen to go to the family GP. Thanks for any advice.

Clare1971 Mon 23-Nov-15 10:52:57

I think it might vary depending on where you are. Fantastic news that he wants to change as without that nothing of course will happen. I really think the GP is probably the best starting point - they will have all the local contacts and experience of which ones are effective. Also, the GP won't be judgemental and helping young people build up a relationship with their GP can be useful for all sorts of things. If he won't go you could always ring the surgery yourself and ask for advice of who to contact, you wouldn't have to give his name. Last resort you can google search for your area but the problem with that is you can end up with lots of private options that may or may not be any good. A chat with the GP would definitely be best option. Good luck.

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