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The Awkward Situation

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TheDobroFan Sun 22-Nov-15 05:58:33

Not really needing advice, just curious to see if anyone else had experienced a similar thing smile

So, I had left my son home, as I was out doing some errands. I was gone for about two hours max, nothing special.

When I got home, I walked into my living room to find my 13 year old cuddled up with his 15 year old girlfriend. I didn't disturb them, nor did I truly care. I went about my usual business.

I found it quite funny, actually. Eric is usually quite timid, and the few times she's been over, they would keep it very tame, maybe my husband and I just intimidate them grin

If anyone else has had any encounters similar to this, feel free to share!

holeinmyheart Sun 22-Nov-15 08:30:37

I think you need to check that he knows the facts of life pronto. Their hormones will be in overdrive. A 15 year old girl is about 30 years old compared with a 13 year old boy.
I know a 13 year old boy who is doing 'it' .
if you ask a Secondary Teacher if they think there is any sexual activity going on amongst their year 7 and 8's they will go Dhuh! Thankfully, not much full sexual intercourse but as you saw for yourself there is some.
Sad really, as they don't stay young long , and once innocence is lost it can't be retrieved.

SoWhite Sun 22-Nov-15 14:04:16

I'd be a bit concerned that a 15 year old girl was interested in a 13 year old boy.

They are miles ahead of boys at that age.

JeanSeberg Sun 22-Nov-15 14:06:38

Is Eric his real name?

Sparklingbrook Sun 22-Nov-15 14:32:26

What So said. I can't imagine a 15 year old girl being interested in my 13 year old DS. Would find it a bit strange.

TheDobroFan Sun 22-Nov-15 16:59:32

Indeed, it weirds me out a lot too, and I have my concerns. I've already given my DS a run down of the facts of life, although I'll be sure to jog his memory, again.

TheDobroFan Sun 22-Nov-15 17:00:32

No, just using it as a substitute, since I just figured out what DS meant a few hours ago.

TheDobroFan Sun 22-Nov-15 17:02:06

I've given my DS the "talk" several times over the past few months, mostly because I remember what it was like to be an adolescent. Although I'll be sure to jog his memory, again.

SoWhite Mon 23-Nov-15 10:24:38

What are your concerns about the girlfriend OP?

TheDobroFan Tue 24-Nov-15 00:33:43

My main concern is the age gap, and as you stated, the developmental jump between the two.

lljkk Tue 24-Nov-15 08:08:39

He's probably a sweet safe bet for her.
I'd be worried about leaving them alone, too.
I'd be concerned to chat regularly about not growing up to fast, keep it fun & light, don't get into an emotional or other type of mess.

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