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Stocking fillers?

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QueenStreaky Wed 18-Nov-15 08:31:59

Hi all. I seem to remember there being a thread a year or two ago, giving suggestions for stocking fillers for teenagers. Would someone be a love and link to it for me please? My 17 year old ds is incredibly hard to buy for and I could do with some inspiration.

Ta muchly smile.

Floundering Wed 18-Nov-15 08:38:44

Bulk it out with socks, pants/ boxers, silly book (trivia always popular here, he loves random facts) travel size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash . Large bar of fav chocolate or several smaller ones, I get the small boxes of Heroes. Quantity not quality!! smile

Floundering Wed 18-Nov-15 08:39:30

Apologies , Not the link but my own suggestions!!

Ripeningapples Wed 18-Nov-15 08:53:35

Well mine get: starbuck's gift card, phone charger, smellies, USB stick, specialist art bits, packet of pens, chocolate money, Haribos, grow your own Xmas tree or woman (jokey thing), other bits that I pick up over the year.

QueenStreaky Wed 18-Nov-15 08:56:21

Most years it ends up being nearly all chocolate sad. He doesn't use toiletries other than bog-standard supermarket essentials so not exactly 'gifty'. He's not really into much and that's why it's so hard. Lost count of the number of USB sticks over the years - nothing we buy gets used apart from the chocolate.

Thanks for suggestions but I probably need some of the more unusual ideas if I'm to find anything that will suit my awkward bugger delightful son wink.

cosytoaster Wed 18-Nov-15 09:03:11

Agree with suggestions above, also Amazon/itunes/Cinema giftcard, new wallet, wallet ninja, Xmas socks, electric tothbrush like these, earplugs, mobile charger, jewellery (not gold or silver just those fabric/leather bracelets they sell in Top shop), body sprays other than Lynx (which they have anyway), new mug (related to something they like). i don't tend to buy the small novelty stocking filler gifts that are in supermarkets as they just don't get used.

BabyGanoush Wed 18-Nov-15 09:05:12

Love the starbucks voucher idea

Cinema voucher?


Marvin's magic coin trick? (They do grown-up tricks)

Key ring

Northernsoul58 Wed 18-Nov-15 09:13:51

Just found a cheap leather flip-over bus pass holder which will hold bus pass and bank card. Trying to convince my Top Gear obsessed DS that buses are the way to go when he gets to college/uni.

WoodleyPixie Wed 18-Nov-15 09:23:39

my 18yr old has mainly sweets in his, he doesn't even open the jokey type things that get put in, and pens/pencil etc normally end up finding them in the stocking the next year when i pack it up again.

The wallet ninja looks good.
Cheap ear phones, ds2(13) has those beats ones, but they are terrible and keep breaking so he likes the cheapy ones that come with the iphone or from poundland as at least they can be thrown away without guilt when they break.

starbucks/costa/subway £5 gift cards, good for them to have in wallet for emergencies.

otherwise its slightly nicer deodorants and shower gels than they normally use, e.g they use lynx every day so i buy ted baker or fcuk in boots, usually on a3 for 2, or lynx do mini tins with mini products in great for stuffing in gym bags.

fluffy slipper socks, used to buy posh ones from joules/superdry etc but they prefer the 2 packs form Tesco think its 2 pairs for £4 and i split them between the two boys.

sweetwise i will buy chocolate coins, freddo frogs, jelly beans, you can usually find lots of small Christmassy themed chocs and sweets in the supermarkets.

AugustRose Wed 18-Nov-15 09:57:15

Sorry I don't have any suggestions I just popped on to get ideas too, but then I saw your Ta muchly smile I love that, my sister used to say it all the time.

rogueantimatter Wed 18-Nov-15 10:11:02

Stuff for his bedroom wall - humorous postcards or a calendar perhaps (although I found DS' (16) 'hilarious' calendar unopened the other day - I opened it at November 15 for him)

Playing cards?

Recipe book (you never know...)

Jar/piggy bank with a few coppers in it for him to start a pence collection - I've just thought of it - I share your desperation.

NorbertDentressangle Wed 18-Nov-15 10:18:03

Personalised jar of Nutella (see the jars in the shops that have the code on for a free personalised label)
Jar of Reeces spread or Bounty spread (expensive but good as a treat if they like it)
Book light
Jelly Bean Roulette/ Chilli chocolate roulette (think I saw the latter in The Works)
Magnetic Bucky Balls (like a desk toy type thing for fiddling with)

QueenStreaky Wed 18-Nov-15 12:27:45

Thanks for these suggestions, guys smile.

The bus pass holder is great - definitely on the list.
I love the idea of personalised Nutella but ds insists that Asda's own is better hmm.
Earphones good too.
He doesn't often go to the cinema so a voucher might not get used, but I'll get him some Microsoft Points which should go down well.
We can't get moved for hats, gloves, and playing cards.

If I got him a recipe book he'd have this face >> hmm.

I do usually get him socks and unders but put them under the tree. Might be better in his stocking if I can't find enough to fill it.

Thanks loads - keep 'em coming!

SoWhite Wed 18-Nov-15 12:31:06

Underwear. They always need new pants.

QueenStreaky Wed 18-Nov-15 12:41:25

He does indeed SoWhite.

SecretSquirr3ls Wed 18-Nov-15 13:23:45

I posted this on another thread but these are some things I've bought in recent years. Not just as stocking fillers but if there is no "big" present then I just gather lots of smaller things.
Power pack charger - these are brilliant.
Gaming headsets
Shot glasses and sourz
Cards against humanity (very rude and not suitable for younger teens)
Periodic table shower curtain
Scienceshirts stuff
Fractals Calendar
Spreadshirt is great for obscure geeky t shirts

Lots of good ideas on this thread for me.

SoWhite Wed 18-Nov-15 13:46:26

Lots of good ideas on this thread for my Dad too!

QueenStreaky Wed 18-Nov-15 14:43:15

Thanks Squirr3ls.

I've already got a stack of comedy t-shirts (the ONLY thing he asked for!) and have bought Cards Against Humanity because he plays it with friends. Yes, it's terribly naughty but great fun.

Great ideas, thank you.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Wed 18-Nov-15 16:06:28

Swiss army knife?
Pass the Pigs?

QueenStreaky Wed 18-Nov-15 18:01:08

Done those sad. Done just about everything <sigh>.

Katedotness1963 Wed 18-Nov-15 19:31:40

Phone cover
Gift cards
Space pen
Those gloves you can use on touch screens
Key ring
Stress ball
Mini tool kit/first aid kit
Memory stick
Lip balm
Hand warmers
Chewing gum
Chocolate Santa

QueenStreaky Wed 18-Nov-15 21:05:42

Done all of those, too, except the tangerine, because he hates them sad. See what I'm up against confused.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Wed 18-Nov-15 22:06:26

Do you have to do a stocking? Sounds like you're banging your head against a brick wall. Could it be time to stop and just give him a few gifts?

Katedotness1963 Wed 18-Nov-15 22:54:10

Surely some can be redone? Toothbrush, toiletries, gift cards, socks?

Rubber duckie?
Puzzle books?
Lego? Last year we found packs that made mini guitars.
Starbucks travel mug with card?
Travel card?
Is cash ever bad? Some £2 coins?
Voucher to favourite restaurant?
Miniature of booze?
Scratch cards?
Desk calendar?
Something he loved from childhood?
Shot glass?
Concert tix?
Homemade vouchers good for...favourite meal, fresh baked cookies, tidying his room, a lift home on a cold day, laundry...?
Nail clippers
A photo from childhood on a key ring?
Battery bank? You use it to charge your electronics on the go?

TheJiminyConjecture Wed 18-Nov-15 23:04:33

Survival stuff? Those flint keyring that spark are really cool.

Is he nearly 18? A mini grow your own beer kit (it's hops etc) and a pint glass or stein? There's some really funky/geeky ones around.

Does he have facial hair? (My brother had a full beard at 16) beard comb/oil

Xbox live voucher or similar

Classic scratchcard

Netflix membership

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