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Pay as you go mobile bundles which one??

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spankingnewme Tue 17-Nov-15 09:51:59

I'm getting d's his first mobile for his birthday but want a bundle that he can't accidentally run up big bills, just looking on Vodafone and they had a good €10 a month deal which would be fine if it would stop him using more than is in the plan or calling premium rate numbers but it's so easily done they have had me a fair few times in the past!!! Just wondering if anyone knows of a good plan for him, I saw a £10 a month boost plan, wondering if that one would be better if it doesn't let u use more than u have if you see what I mean....

BackforGood Tue 17-Nov-15 23:19:25

I'm confused - in title you've asked about PAYG, but in OP you are asking about monthly payments. Which are you after?

Mytholmroyd Tue 17-Nov-15 23:24:02

Giffgaff - always top in Which surveys - i use for DD phone - 5 pounds a month 'goofy bag' which recurs until i stop it. Includes minutes texts and some data. They have more expensive ones too so pick one to suit. Can top up if she goes abroad. It is great - no complaints!

Mytholmroyd Tue 17-Nov-15 23:24:47

Errr that should be 'goody bag! blush

StillMedusa Tue 17-Nov-15 23:37:06

Giffgaff... bloody brilliant!
We have switched the whole family.. granny included! £10 a month (I set mine to pay automatically but there is no contract) gets 500 mins, free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and 1GB data..I've never run out! £12 a month gets unlimited data.

They run on the 02 network. I've been with them for years now and would never go back to the 'big' providers .

balletgirlmum Tue 17-Nov-15 23:41:07

Ds has the £10 per month Vodafone deal. It's PAYG so you have to top up with £10 of credit then opt into the bundle. It's unlimited texts, so many minutes & some data. They can't spend outside of the bundle unless you put extra credit on the phone.

You can also log into My Vodafone & set restrictions for things like Premium text services, data roaming etc.

BackforGood Tue 17-Nov-15 23:52:35

Both my dds are on PAYG with EE at the moment. Not saying the cost of their texts / calls / data compares well (or badly?) but they had some bargainous handsets, and then the girls use wifi and free messaging services such as Whatsapp and Messenger.
If they want to speak to me, they give me a quick call and ring off, and I ring them back.
£10 lasts them forever.

balletgirlmum Tue 17-Nov-15 23:54:46

Wheras my son used almost £20 in a couple of weeks texting his friends at 12p per text.

ouryve Wed 18-Nov-15 00:05:24

Obviously, you have to check which networks offer the best coverage around your area. I have EE and three on my dual SIM phone. Not bothering with EE any more as their deals aren't as good and I had too many signal drop outs in places I visit frequently. Now use three for data, as it's 1p per MB (plus the first 100MB are free, when you toper up a tenner) - costs me about a fiver per month. As it's a pure PAYG, it's a real case of WIGIG for a teen. Only slightly more expensive than the now defunct TMobile 6 Month Web (unlimited data for £20) deal was with a much better signal and bandwidth.

Texts and calls are cheap on three, too, though if your likes talking or texting more than the www, there might be better bundle deals to be had.

ouryve Wed 18-Nov-15 00:11:34

Still using EE for calls and texts, btw. Don't use enough to bother with bundles, but when I do need it, it's bloody expensive. I'd change, but it's the only provider that has halfway decent coverage in my village. Can't call or text at all on three between my house and school, which is where I'm most ikely to need it in an emergency, vodaphone only has 2G coverage here and DH's O2 work phone is pretty useless here.

As it is, despite the extortionate text and call charges, I rarely go over £2 per month. I got caught out having to contact my credit card supplier when my cards were cancelled due to being compromised, though - drained my last £6 of credit in one short call.

Bunbaker Fri 20-Nov-15 22:31:11

"Obviously, you have to check which networks offer the best coverage around your area"

This ^^ is the most important consideration. OH and I were with GiffGaff, but have switched to Virgin (an EE virtual provider) because we kept losing the signal with GiffGaff. I pay 50p a month more with Virgin, and I get a much better signal.

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