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pocket money again

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passion4pno Sun 15-Nov-15 05:34:42

Hi all,
I know this just came up but I'm new to the forum and missed the topic. I have a 12 year old and we are trying to decide on how to handle pocket money. How much, and how it every used. We give $4 a week, which we expect to be saved for small things like lunch at the cantine or pens that need replacing because dd lost the ones provided. That sort of thing.
And if you don't do your chores, no pocket money.

BackforGood Sun 15-Nov-15 15:57:14

Similar thread running today, for more answers

However, you will always find a massive variety on these issues. Ultimately it will depend on your finances and also what the dc are expected to pay for. Plus, why you give pocket money. If it's to help the dc learn about saving and budgeting, then it's quite different from those who think it's all about 'being able to go out with their friends'. Then it's about what they have been used to, whilst you have been paying.... is the cinema a 'once in a blue moon treat' or have they been used to going every other week.... is 'going for a coffee' within their expectations, or are you not a family that has been in the habit of doing that..... up until now have you bought them a magazine each week, or are they used to borrowing books for free from the library...... do you normally fill up a bollte with water from home, or are they used to just buying stuff when they go anywhere, etc.,etc.

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