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'Confirmation9; present for 14 yr old?

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efmach Sat 04-May-02 20:37:00

I'm not sure if this right place to ask this question but I'll give it a go.
I'm a godmother to a 14 yr old boy who lives quite far away. His 'Confirmation' day is in two weeks time and I am absolutely stumped as to what I should buy him for a gift. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

Tinker Sat 04-May-02 23:32:03

efmach - I presume he's Catholic. For my confirmation I got earrings. It used to be convention to get something religious (crucifix on a chain etc) but I don't think that's so important now. I'd just get him the kind of thing you would get him for Christmas - cd's, computer game maybe.

susanmt Sun 05-May-02 01:33:24

Something he can keep and remember the day with - maybe a Bible or other religious book, or some other keepsake. When I joined the church (our equivalent of confirmation in the CHurch of Scotland) I got a lovely hardbacked bible from my parents which I still use most days, and a book of daily readings from my Godmother which I still dip into on a regualr basis, and I'm 31!

Zoe Sun 05-May-02 09:53:54

I got silver jewellery when I was confirmed but it's a bit harder with a boy I suppose - I would think that it should still be something that he could keep as a momento - a watch perhaps (actually, my Godmother gave me a watch now I come to think of it) or a book, maybe a bible or a book of poetry or something, inscribed by you with the date on it. Does he have a godfather and is it someone you could liaise with, for maybe something you could invest in together?

As I understand it these days confirmation is church and not school-led, so I would have thought that if he is doing it of his own volition, he will appreciate any gift from you, and how lovely that you are putting so much effort in. Do let us know what you decide

Bron Sun 05-May-02 12:12:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueDonim Sun 05-May-02 13:03:19

If you think he might use it, what about a really nice pen? Then he could think of you every time he writes a thank you letter!

efmach Sun 05-May-02 20:05:35

Thank you to all your replies.
His family are not Catholic but C. of E. I'm not sure if that makes a difference but I guess the service will be quite religious anyway.
Since I live quite far away from him I'm not really sure of his day-to-day interests but I do like the idea of something that will mark the occasion. I like the idea of a pen but I'm a bit worried that he will inundated with similar gifts from his relatives!!
Practical gifts like c.d.'s, vouchers or books make sense but might not be appropriate for this event and I know he will have acquired several bibles along the way!
Keep the suggestions coming!!!!!

Lindy Mon 06-May-02 08:41:51

I would suggest a tankard (silver plated or glass) with his name engraved on it (unless family are teetotallers of course!!). This is what we bought for our godson when he was christened (aged 8) & in fact what we have suggested to one of our DS's godparents with the christening coming up.

IDismyname Mon 06-May-02 09:07:56

Dh got a power drill as a confirmation present from his godmother when he was about 16. He still thinks it was a brilliant present!

Bee Mon 06-May-02 10:51:40

What about a really nice limited edition print/photo?
Or a Swiss Army knife?
Or a leather backgammon set?
A world atlas?
Something that lasts.

Good luck choosing - and tell us what you decide!

SofiaAmes Mon 06-May-02 13:07:52

I'm not religious, but my understanding of a confirmation is that it is somehow a marking of the transition of boy to man. How about a present that is symbolic of that, but still interesting to a 14 year old in 2002. (I hate to say it, but most kids seem to send their thank you notes by email nowadays). Maybe a trip to the nearest larger city center with a friend to see a play or a concert or a sports match (or whatever he might be interested in). Assuming his parents think he is mature enough to make a trip like this on his own. In our family we were given money to be saved towards something "big." I used mine to travel to europe (i lived in the usa) in between high school and university....but it depends on the brother promptly spent his on who knows what....Have you asked his parents what they think?

Kia Mon 06-May-02 19:04:33

Perhaps you could get tickets to the most 'must see' teen event of the year? (My husband had tickets to see Kylie and gave them away because he couldn't see that I would want to go - what an arse!) If you're not in turne with teen stuff, find a friend who has and they'll put you right!! Do something out of the ordinary - it's the child's memory, not the parent's that stays. I was given a bound set of CSLewis books, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe etc and it started a lifelong passion for me, and I've never forgotten the person that gave them to me.

Marina Mon 06-May-02 19:15:10

I was sponsor to a teenage friend at church who got confirmed about two years ago. (Her dad is the curate who baptised ds). I got her a nice pen, on the grounds of parental suggestion, but it came out at the raucous party afterwards that her best confirmation present was an Ali G video. From her dad.
Efmach, if he is actively interested in his faith/or has an interest in art, there is a splendid book of the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery a while back, Seeing Salvation. It was all about how Christ has been depicted in art over the centuries, and the exhibition was considered a huge success by art critics and the clergy alike.

bloss Mon 06-May-02 23:48:40

Message withdrawn

Rosy Tue 07-May-02 11:10:17

I think Bee's atlas suggestion is great. My sisters got me one for my eighteenth birthday, and I still use it all the time.

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