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Normal teenage mood swings or something more?

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teensequalgrayhair Fri 06-Nov-15 19:12:29

How do you tell the difference between normal teenage mood swings and something more serious? My 14 year old daughter has been on Prozac for about a year. She has always been up and down with her moods. This seemed to help make her swings a little more manageable. She has always been a great student, very active in extra curricular activities. She started her freshman year this past August….and everything has been downhill since. She has gone from making Honor Roll every single quarter of grades 6-8, to having barely passing grades in almost all of her classes. I have been harping her about her grades. Grounding her doesn’t work, taking things away doesn’t work, nothing seems to work! She just doesn’t seem to care about anything anymore. If she’s not at soccer or cheer practice and is home, she’s either on her phone or sleeping. I have to force her to do anything, whether it be homework or household chores. She claims it is my fault she has crappy grades, because my expectations are too high. It is my fault she is depressed, it is my fault she doesn’t ever want to be home. She says she can’t talk to me because I won’t understand and she has more problems to worry about than her grades right now. I of course am not going to just let her run her grades into the ground without saying anything, like she wants…..but I don’t want to push her too far and push her further away either. Some days she’s happy and great and other days she just mopes all day. It’s like I’m raising 2 different kids and I never know which one is going to show up on a daily or hourly basis!!

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