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bed time/sleep time?

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Needaglassofwinedotcom Wed 04-Nov-15 11:30:58

What time does your 13 year old go to bed/sleep - on a school night/weekend?

moogalicious Wed 04-Nov-15 11:32:27

Bed at 9/lights off 10 on a week night. 10/10.30 at the weekend.

TuTru Wed 04-Nov-15 15:02:29

I'd say the same. But it would depend on how early they have to be up and how awake they were in the mornings

Needaglassofwinedotcom Wed 04-Nov-15 15:38:10

Thats the same, just wondering whether it was tiredness or hormones that could be causing the grunts!

Sadik Wed 04-Nov-15 21:40:52

PJs on by around 9.15 ish (ideally earlier before she gets knackered and grouchy) lights out by 9.30. She has to be up by 7am in the morning and is NOT a morning person at the best of times.

angelcake20 Fri 06-Nov-15 00:37:12

It's supposed to be 10 but is often 10.30 in practice. Pretty quick to sleep once in bed. Usually same at weekends. He wakes up at 7 regardless of whether it's a school day or not. 11 yo struggles going to bed at 9/9.15 and getting up at 8 so she'll be going much earlier than him when she's 13.

ifonly4 Fri 06-Nov-15 10:11:01

Just turned 14 and it's supposed to be lights out at 10pm, more often than not it's 10.30pm before her lights go out. She's up at 7am.

We have to ask her about three times before she goes up at the moment and then we get annoyed. She then has to do hair, clean face and teeth (in all fairness she has braces so happy she spends a long time over this part). Suggested she does some of this earlier, but doesn't.

sylviassecrets Fri 06-Nov-15 11:42:59

14 year old goes up at 10pm is lights out 10.30pm, has to be up at 7am.

IICasparII Sat 07-Nov-15 16:27:53

I'm 14 and go to bed at 10:30, sleep at 1-2:30 and wake up at 6. I manage to function ok

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