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15year old son lied about sleeping over to return at 3.45 am

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notmrscookie Sun 01-Nov-15 08:57:00

I have written before about my now 15 year old son , sadly split for his dad over a year ago . His dad has been Disney dad if and when he see him . Last Christmas started using weed and smoking . stealing . then dealing . Have involved school , SS , police and local youth substance abuse counselling service thing have decreased a bit . How ever 2 weeks ago her refused to go to dad and stayed at home for his weekend . dad said he be in charge never happened dad got drunk. then at 1.30am I am driving round looking for son as he didn't come home and refused to answer phone . I then opened his facebook on main computer and used his chat to locate him as being at local fast food place at 1.30 . and went and got him .,

Tonight he says I am going to party I be home at 11. had address and name of party girl . I went out to firework display . came back at 9.30 half bottle vodka missing and received text I am staying over now . not happy he turned his phone off . went to bed as address given wrong and lo and behold 3.45 am my phone going off and banging on door . its my son returning from party. He lied about sleeping over so I wouldn't embrass him like last time . I am so fed up . his dad is no help and doesn't want him to stay as it his two weekends not working and his girlfriend doesn't have her kids . social service now will not get involved as stealing and drugs are police matters . ex and his mum send abuse when I reported son for stealing from me so much so I backed down . what ever next .

thunderbird69 Sun 01-Nov-15 11:40:16

I'm not sure I entirely understand your post. What is a Disney Dad?

What has your son stolen from you? Did you say it was ok for him to go to the party or did he just go?

It must be very difficult not having any support, are there no other organisations or charities locally that could support or advise you? Or do you have any other family, parents or siblings?

LineyReborn Sun 01-Nov-15 11:43:59

A 'Disney Dad' is one who doesn't do any of the real day-to-day parenting stuff, just dispenses treats when it suits them maybe every other week or every month (or whatever), and undermines the resident parent.

notmrscookie Sun 01-Nov-15 20:55:31

Agreed he could go to party but needed to be home by 11pm THEN son texted saying he was sleeping over but lied so he could stay out later than cerfew and returned back to home at 3.45 am.

Disney dad as per above . will not bother with son unless it to look good or to get in son good books such as 180 on tracksuit and trainers so he would visit husband 93yr nan. In total properly two major amounts of money 70 euro exchanged to pounds at post office .. reported to police . he has also stolen from my purse so now purse locked in car and keys hidden . Had to take contactless of cash cards as he used that once too. He stole over 120 of xmas fund to so No christmas presents for him. All jewellery hidden and locked cupboards.. its not a life I enjoy .

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