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depressed 17 year old

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babsy75 Wed 21-Oct-15 20:09:08

I have only just realised my 17 year old son is depressed. He is not sleeping or eating much. He says he can't quite put his finger on it but I know he is struggling with workload of 2nd year A levels and a few girlfriend probs and we moving house for 3rd time in 18 months. I love him so much but feel so helpless and such a bad mum. It's just me and him. Please help with any advice. sad

Waitingforsherlock Wed 21-Oct-15 21:05:57

Hello Babsy75. Sorry you are going through this, we are experiencing something similar. If he's open to the idea I would take him along to the GP. He or she can have a chat with him and evaluate how depressed he's feeling. He or she may suggest CAMHS, but you may find that due to his age/type of problems he may not reach the threshold. Your GP might suggest counselling, ( poss Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and then you can look on one of the various websites to find someone close to you who can help.


TuTru Thu 22-Oct-15 03:42:25

Bless his heart. Shower him with love and suggest a GP visit xx

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